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Two anal pigs play in skin gear

I guess purists would say these two barely cut it as skinheads – Rogue Status is sporting a very close buzz cut, while Felix Barca is definitely at least a number one crop. But I’m not complaining. Skin gear suits this pair of sexy fuckers and it makes a change from the regular leather/rubber look that’s become the uniform of the Titan Rough series.

Picture of Felix Barca and Rogue Status in Wet and Wide

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Aymeric DeVille gets a faceful of piss

I can’t say who I envy more in this scene from Heavy Duty. Aymeric DeVille’s already easily one of my favourite porn hunks – he’s a lean, tanned, muscular stud with a perfect-looking shaved cock and a smooth ass. Here he’s paired up with handsome, hunky Adam Russo.

Picture of Aymeric DeVille getting pissed on

Russo puts DeVille in a harness before trapping his arms in some kind of straightjacket made up of two sleeves, padlocked and laced to a length of rope behind his back. Aymeric’s cock is just edible-looking – and Adam gorges on it, taking the bronzed, smooth hunk of meat into his mouth and sucking hungrily on the head. Continue reading Aymeric DeVille gets a faceful of piss

Aymeric DeVille paddled in rubber

Aymeric DeVille’s cock is a work of art. Thick, shaved and busting with veins, it almost doesn’t look real as it peaks out of a pair of slick latex shorts in the first scene from Smack. I totally envy fellow Titan hunk Wilfried Knight for getting to wrap his mouth around the head right at the beginning of the scene, before moving down to chew on Aymeric’s smooth low-hanging balls.

Picture of Aymeric DeVille's cock in rubber shorts

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Video: Brock Rustin fists Race Cooper – seven-minute clip

Titan must be in a generous mood. Their latest free clip from Shove It! goes on for nearly seven and a half minutes. (Check out the video at the bottom of this post.) That’s plenty of time to get a sense of how hard and dirty the action is as Race Cooper and Brock Rustin tear into each other like a pair of animals.

Brock Rustin fucks Race Cooper with a dildo

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Tibor Wolfe soaked and stuffed

If I had Tibor Wolfe tied to a chair, I wouldn’t know where to start. The world-renowned fuck-pig has a seemingly infinite ass that can take man’s forearm all the way to the elbow, and he’s a glutton for piss and cum too.

Tristan Phoenix takes a piss on Tibor Wolfe

In this scene from Pissed and Probed, it looks like mean top Tristan Phoenix isn’t taking any shit from Tibor. He starts off by manhandling his rock-hard erection before taking a leak all over his chest and crotch, soaking him with piss. Then he grabs the helpless bottom by the head and forces him to suck his dick before pulling him down onto the floor and making him kneel at his feet, servicing his cock. Continue reading Tibor Wolfe soaked and stuffed