Two anal pigs play in skin gear

I guess purists would say these two barely cut it as skinheads – Rogue Status is sporting a very close buzz cut, while Felix Barca is definitely at least a number one crop. But I’m not complaining. Skin gear suits this pair of sexy fuckers and it makes a change from the regular leather/rubber look that’s become the uniform of the Titan Rough series.

Picture of Felix Barca and Rogue Status in Wet and Wide

Felix and Rogue are both kitted out in the skinhead’s uniform of bleachers, suspenders and boots. We start with Rogue shoving his face into Felix’s crotch, until Felix unzips to give him a taste of his fat, meaty cock. After gorging on his buddy’s dick, Status bends over to let Barca play with his ass. The bearded top licks his butt before sliding a big dildo into him, lubing him up and opening his hole until it’s loose and sloppy. Next Felix stuffs his cock into the grateful bottom and fucks his ass. Eventually, Rogue is ready to shoot, spurting his jizz over the floor. Felix stands over him and takes a piss, letting his hot juice run over Rogue’s body. Finally he jerks off, shooting a generous wad of sticky cum.

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Pictures of Felix Barca and Rogue Status in Wet and Wide

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