Give it to me Rough

Kudos to Titan for launching a brand new site dedicated to their Rough series. Now you can see all their nastiest, filthiest fetish vids all in one place.

Picture of Titan Rough

Check out Rough

Apart from being full of hot Titan studs doing all kinds of piggy things to each other, one of the best things about this site is it’s got the best fetish material from across a whole selection of different studios. Rough brings together all the sleaziest stuff available from TitanMen, as well as classic filth from MSR Video, the LucasRaunch range and scenes from Raging Stallion, Mack Studios and Fetish Force – that’s on top of the original Rough series itself. There’s a tonne of leather and rubber material inside, as well as piss, sounding, fisting, SM, electro and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Pictures from Titan's Rough series

It’s full of hot pictures and free previews – and it’s the perfect excuse for me to share these shots of Jessie Colter getting a piss enema. (And shooting it out into Spencer Reed’s mouth – what a pig!)

Pictures of Jessie Colter getting a piss enema

Titan, Raging Stallion, LucasRaunch and Fetish Force – all in one site

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