Who am I?

I’m a mid-forties guy who loves his gear. For me, there’s nothing like the ritual of buckling up in leather or sliding into a rubber surf suit – whether it’s for sex or socializing.

My favourite hangouts are the ones with dress codes, where jeans and a t-shirt don’t cut it and trainers aren’t allowed. There are some good fetish bars and clubs in my city but recent years have seen a shift from small clubs to big one-off parties. Big events can be great but I’m more at home in an old-school leather bar – and they’re a dying breed.

But it’s not just leather and rubber that do it for me. Suits, sports kit and military uniform all have their place, even if traditional fetish gear still comes top of my list.

And, of course, there’s nothing like watching guys fuck in their kit. Over the years, I’ve got more and more into fetish gear porn. From heavy butt play and watersports to plain vanilla, the action on show in the best US and European porn provides endless inspiration for gear freaks like me.

So here’s my pick of stuff that turns me on – from horny gear to hot porn, and anything else that’s caught my eye.

Have fun. 😉