JR gets his ass drilled by rubber top

Neoprene-clad JR Bronson looks like his hole is in urgent need of attention. He’s sitting back in a dimly-lit basement with his fingers jammed in his hole – until demanding top Franco Ferarri appears to put him through his paces.

Franco Ferarri in rubber

Kitted out in a rubber apron and heavy latex gauntlets, Ferarri starts by squirting a huge glob of sticky lube into Bronson’s ass. Pushing a couple of his rubber-encased fingers inside, he starts working JR’s hole – and soon has him moaning and begging for more. Franco obliges by driving a huge dildo into the muscle pig’s sloppy butt-hole, sliding it in and out until it’s looking nicely loosened up. Continue reading JR gets his ass drilled by rubber top

Cute wrestler’s bondage blowjob

Smooth, tanned, muscular AJ Irons is already a wet dream-cum-true in his tight-fitting wrestler suit. But this fresh-faced stud looks like he’s going blow his load (mine too, for that matter) when he’s bound helpless on the mat, with Johnny Lawless running his mouth up and down his rigid shaft and tickling AJ’s shaved balls with his tongue.

Bound AJ Irons sucks Johnny Lawless's dick

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JR Bronson needs his hole stuffed

“I want you to come and get this hole,” implores JR Bronson, who’s on all fours on a raised platform, fingering his butt. Luckily, tattooed hunk Derek Parker is at hand with a massive bucket of lube, ready to satisfy Bronson’s cravings.

JR Bronson fingers his hole

It’s the only invitation Parker needs. He’s straight in there with a big lubed-up dildo, sliding it into JR’s smooth bubble butt and ramming it home. The massive latex truncheon certainly seems to hit the spot: he soon has Bronson moaning contentedly as he works it in and out, thick white lube leaking from his hole. Continue reading JR Bronson needs his hole stuffed

Greased-up pigs take a hand each

Drew Peters and Jessie Balboa are two insatiable fisting bottoms. In this jaw-dropping scene from Fisting Central, the two pigs get to work on each other’s assess before the pair of them end up stuck on Nick Horn’s hands like a couple of glove puppets.

Drew Peters and Jessie Balboa fisted by Nick Horn

Drew Peters is talented enough he can fist his own butt. So when Jessie Balboa turns up, Peters’ hole is already loose enough that Jessie’s hand can just slide in. Big-dicked Nick Horn arrives to make a third and immediately gets to work on the two sloppy-assed bottom boys. Continue reading Greased-up pigs take a hand each