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Cavin Knight gets off in gear

I’m really getting into Cavin Knight. This ripped stud was one of the best things about rubber actioner Sektor 9 – where he puts on a gas mask to inflict all kinds of abuse on Jessie Colter’s tender hole – and his rough, raunchy turn in Submit shows he’s a talented pig bottom too.

Cavin Knight licks Wilfried Knight's dick in Submit

Utah-born Cavin started out in modeling before making his xxx video debut with Mustang Studios’ Fit for Service in 2010, directed by Erik Rhodes. Since then he’s appeared in movies for Channel 1, Men at Play, Lucas Entertainment, Hot House, Cocksure Men, Raging Stallion and Titan – and somehow he’s managed to balance his regular porn gigs and live appearances with a day job in the corporate world. All that and he’s dating DJ/porn idol Tristan Jaxx, the pair having met on the set of Knight’s first movie.

He’s no stranger to gear fetish content – and we’ve seen him as both top and bottom in fetish movies for Hot House and Titan. Cavin claims one of his fantasies is to be strapped into a sling in a dark dungeon, with a dozen hot guys playing with his body and working his hole. (I’m hoping this one comes true for him – all the better if it gets caught on camera.) The closest he’s come so far is his scene with Wilfried Knight in Titan’s Submit, which has him on all fours in a gas mask and a leather jock strap, getting brutally fucked from behind before bearded top Wilfried flips him over and drenches his muscular body with a heavy stream of hot piss.

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Mad Men lookalike jerks his cock

I was already a fan of US hunk Cavin Knight after his Sektor 9 scene with Jessie Colter. And this week he’s guest star for gay porn haute couturiers Men at Play, with a sexy solo that has Knight gradually strip off and fuck himself on a rubber plug.

Cavin Knight in In Deep

Brit porn powerhouse MAP looks like it’s going for a Mad Men theme this week, with 50s décor as the backdrop for its latest transatlantic partnership. Cavin makes a good substitute for Don Draper / Jon Hamm in his sharp grey suit – but as the layers slowly come off, Knight reveals a smooth, toned body with tattoos across his back, arms and torso – and a juicy looking, perfectly hairless butt hole. Continue reading Mad Men lookalike jerks his cock

Zak Spears in leather

Zak Spears is still one of my gay porn idols. I first encountered him as the evil fisting commandant in Falcon’s Abduction trilogy in the early 90s. There’s been a leather/fetish theme running through Spears’ filmography ever since and over the intervening 20 years he’s appeared in dozens of movies for the likes of Hot House, Tom of Finland and Catalina.

Zak Spears in Raw 2

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