Cute clubber fucked by bouncers

This scene makes me think of a fantasy I’ve jerked off over a good many times. It goes back to one of the first times I ever set foot inside a sex club, and got a slightly overenthusiastic patting down by the doorman. Nothing actually happened beyond that. But it’s the kind of near miss that sticks in my mind and fuels a fantasy for life, as I dream up endless variations on what could have happened next.

Vic Jocco and Jon Galt

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Would you let a machine fuck you?

Not everyone gets the concept of playing on one’s own. I used to be baffled by people who told me they sometimes got out their toys for a marathon solo session. After all, who wants to have sex by themselves? I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it – until, of course, I finally tried it. And it was better than I’d thought – strangely addictive even.

Luke Riley gets fucked by a machine

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“Fuck Daddy’s ass!”

Newcomer David Benjamin gets the best line – as well as the front cover – in Chi Chi LaRue’s new fetish actioner #Leather. The tanned, tatted, handsome muscle stud barely cuts it as a daddy (thirty-something maybe?) but his basement fuck scene with James Hamilton looks like it might be the highlight of LaRue’s recent return to Link territory.

James Hamilton fucks David Benjamin in #Leather

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Blindfolded boy gets spit roasted in a dungeon

Cockney Darren Robins is probably my all-time favourite British porn star. Here he’s been drafted in to provide reinforcement as big-dicked Dillon Buck fucks young Jed James silly in a grim-looking dungeon.

Jed James and Dillon Buck in the dungeon

At the start of the scene, Jed’s wearing nothing but a blindfold. Dillon comes up behind him and starts touching him and kissing his neck – and Jed’s cock responds instantly, standing to attention and even leaking a fine line of precum. Still blindfolded, Jed gets down onto the floor and lets Buck eat his ass before the big stud squeezes his massive tool into the boy’s waiting hole.

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Classic Cazzo dance floor orgy

When Cazzo first exploded into the porn arena in the late 90s, the German studio was quick to make its mark with a new, distinctive style of fetish movie. Its preference for rough skinheads over clean-cut American types, pounding techno music and sleazy scenarios that were rooted in the contemporary gay scene struck a chord with audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Sex on the dance floor became a recurring theme – first cropping up in the studio’s debut title Berlin Techno Dreams, then Berlin Techno Sex in 1998 (more about that here) and then Frankfurt Stories in 2000. The scenes have a gritty, primal, realistic feel to them that sets them apart from the mainstream leather movies that were doing the rounds at the time.

An orgy on the dance floor in Frankfurt Stories

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Banged up and gang-fucked

Sex offender Brandon Atkins is about to learn a harsh lesson. Locked up in solitary confinement, he’s under strict orders: no wanking. But a horny pervert like Brandon can’t just can’t keep his hands off his dick. And when his sadistic jailers find out, the gang of uniformed studs decide to put him through a gruelling sexual ordeal.

Brandon Atkins gets fucked in prison

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The handball hall of fame: 10 classic fisting scenes

Fisting. It’s one of our more controversial pastimes. Some are addicted to it, others can’t stand the sight of it. Over the past half a century, it’s carved its own niche in gay identity, spawning a subculture all of its own – one with its own social networks and its own rules. For many of its devotees, it’s an almost spiritual experience, while others love it for the pure, down n’ dirty, bad-boy sleaziness of it.

A guy's butt gets fisted in Erotic Hands

Open wide: a scene from early classic Erotic Hands

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