Aymeric DeVille gets a faceful of piss

I can’t say who I envy more in this scene from Heavy Duty. Aymeric DeVille’s already easily one of my favourite porn hunks – he’s a lean, tanned, muscular stud with a perfect-looking shaved cock and a smooth ass. Here he’s paired up with handsome, hunky Adam Russo.

Picture of Aymeric DeVille getting pissed on

Russo puts DeVille in a harness before trapping his arms in some kind of straightjacket made up of two sleeves, padlocked and laced to a length of rope behind his back. Aymeric’s cock is just edible-looking – and Adam gorges on it, taking the bronzed, smooth hunk of meat into his mouth and sucking hungrily on the head.

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He hangs a mean-looking set of ball weights on Aymeric, letting his captive feel the tug on his sack before getting him down on the floor to suck Adam’s own rigid dick from out of his leather jock. DeVille gets to work, letting Russo fuck his face. His reward comes when Adam lets loose with a torrent of piss, shooting it into the bottom’s face, over his body and onto his ass.

Pictures of Aymeric DeVille and Adam Russo in Heavy Duty

After he’s given Aymeric a total drenching, Adam plays with his hole, fingering and eating it – then shoving his boner deep into him and pounding his butt. The finale comes when Russo jacks off over DeVille, coming on his cock before helping the bottom to shoot his own sticky load.

Aymeric DeVille gets bound and abused

Pictures of Adam Russo fucking Aymeric DeVille in Heavy Duty

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