Sex-crazed medics dominate plastic-bound helpless hunks

Fresh from Fetish Force, Wrapped is a quirky take on doctor-patient porn tropes. A cast of unsuspecting studs find themselves bound to an examination table with plastic wrap and dominated and abused by doctor-pervert Alpha Wolfe.

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The first scene has Beau Butler secured to the table, wearing just a jock. Wolfe begins by dripping hot wax over Butler’s muscled torso, then teases him with a pinwheel. Next he subjects him to a course of stinging electro, shocking him with an electro wand. After releasing him from his plastic bindings, he gets to work on his ass. First he opens Beau’s tight hole with a glass dildo. But before long he’s replaced it with his rock-hard cock, pounding his victim’s butt until he’s ready to squirt his seed deep inside.

Scene 2 has Butler bound in a different position, lying face-down over the table. Doctor Wolfe feeds his cock into Beau’s mouth and fucks his ass. Then he flips his patient over onto his back and fucks him again until finally the bottom shoots his load and Wolfe can dump his own creamy wad into Butler’s mouth.

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Beau Butler and Alpha Wolfe in Wrapped

Scene 3 brings a new victim to Alpha Wolfe’s medical lair. Blond, blue-eyed hunk Isaac X is bound to the examination table with plastic wrap, waiting for his treatment to start. This time, Wolfe’s brought in a fellow practitioner – Dillon Diaz – to help him carry out his heinous procedure.

Diaz greases up incapacitated Isaac’s straining hard on and then uses a silicone sleeve to stroke it tantalisingly. Meanwhile Wolfe reaches between their victim’s and slides his finger into his asshole. He sucks on Isaac’s balls until the helpless bottom can’t hold on any longer and cums into the translucent sleeve. But even after that, Wolfe continues to stroke Isaac’s cock while Diaz positions himself at the other end of the table and fucks the patient in the mouth, at last feeding him a generous wad of tasty cum.

Dillon Diaz, Alpha Wolfe and Isaac X in Wrapped

The final scenes sees the power dynamics reversed, as  bends over and gets pounded by a fuck machine while he sucks Isaac X’s dick. The pair switch so Isaac can take a drilling from the diabolical machine. After being fucked by the turbo powered dildo, Isaac’s ready for real cock. Alpha’s only too happy to oblige, taking the dildo out and replacing it with his own dick, while Dillon turns around and spreads his ass cheeks to give Isaac access to rim his hole. They flip again, this time with Diaz in the middle with Isaac fucking him while he sucks on Wolfe’s handsome meat. The scene ends with the three studs jerking off together, each of them shooting their load over the examination room floor.

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Beau Butler, Alpha Wolfe, Dillon Diaz and Isaac X in Wrapped

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