Adam Dacre drills Fabio Lopez

There’s more offbeat fetish fuck action in store from Cazzo with the last scene from their feature-length movie Fuck Crazy. If you’ve missed the story so far, it’s typically whacked-out Cazzo fare – a wall-to-wall sex movie set in a warehouse, boasting plenty of hot guys, hard action and a little bit of quirkiness.

Picture of Fabio Lopez in Fuck Crazy

This time, it’s cute young Fabio’s turn to visit the warehouse, where sexy Adam Dacre is waiting for him. Fabio bends over to get his ass licked out, after which Adam slides his hard cock into the boy’s hole and administers a thorough pounding. Fabio gets flipped onto his back so they can fuck face-to-face and even takes a dildo too – before a jet of spunk finally erupts from his dick.

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Pictures of Adam Dacre and Fabio Lopez in Fuck Crazy

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