Redhead roughed up by military hunk

My favourite moment in this scene sees cheeky ginger-haired Seamus O’Reilly getting Rocco Steele’s worn jock stuffed in his mouth. The idea of being able to smell the sweat from Steele’s crotch and taste it in his dirty underwear gives me an instant hard-on.

Rocco Steele and Seamus O'Reilly in Permission

Seamus is bent on making trouble when he approaches sleeping Rocco and binds his hands with duct tape. Picking up a marker pen, he writes “cock sucker” on the slumbering giant’s forehead. But when Steele awakes, there’s hell to pay.

Tearing after Seamus, he pins the youngster down and rips the clothes off his lean, hairless body. Spanking his butt and stuffing his used jock into O’Reilly’s mouth, he ends up pulling on the now-repentant boy’s dick until he’s forced to release a jet of sticky spunk.

Watch Rocco topping Seamus

Rocco Steele and Seamus O'Reilly in Permission

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