Hungry Wolf gobbles up toys and fists

Dolan Wolf’s butt hole is like a bottomless pit. Recently voted Daddy of the year, Mr Wolf has always been in his element wherever kink and especially fisting are involved.

Image of Mitch Vaughn pouring lube into Dolan Wolf's ass

This scene has him in a harness and leather jock, bent over on all fours on a raised platform – just begging for some anal attention. Sexy Mitch Vaughn is the obliging top, looking hot in a harness, jock and black gloves. First he uses a funnel and tube to fill Dolan’s ass with j-lube, then he produces a massive rubber cock attached to a steel rod and proceeds to ram it into Wolf’s hole. With a little bit of straining, Dolan manages the whole thing – no mean feat even for a dedicated ass-pig like him.

Once Dolan’s proved that even the biggest toys are no match for his insatiable butt, Mitch resorts to using his hands, plunging first one fist in and then the other. By the time he’s finished, Dolan’s hole is looking wrecked, and he pushes out a fat, juicy rosebud. Mitch carries on gently punching one fist in and out while he jerks off with his free hand, eventually shooting a jet of spunk all over the floor.

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Images of Dolan Wolf and Mitch Vaughn in Big Bad Wolf

See Dolan Wolf getting fisted rotten

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