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Video: Sebastian Keys gets the living shit kicked out of him

Cute, boyish Sebastian Keys is certainly no stranger to kink. He might look all sweetness and light but we already know how much this boy loves getting tied up or fisted rotten. This scene defintely ups the ante, however, with Keys playing a police officer who interrupts a bunch of horny guys cruising in a public toilet – and ends up getting thrown around the room like a rag doll.

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Police officer fists cock-hungry jailbird

Life behind bars is never going to be easy but with a hot cop like Dolan Wolf in charge, it can have its perks too. In this scene from Long Arm of the Law, Wolf manages to handball prisoner Brandon Moore through the bars of his cell before forcing him to strip and fist his own butt for his entertainment.

Image of Dolan Wolf fisting Brandon Moore

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Hot cop works his buddy’s nightstick

Stubbled hunk Will Swagger might look like a mean customer, but when Bob Hager turns up in full riot gear, he’s ready to drop to his knees and worship his buddy’s rock-hard tool, working his mouth up and down the shaft with both hands pinned behind his back.

Will Swagger blows Bob Hager

Firefighter Bob Hager has a fantasy about police officers. To Bob it’s all about authority. But in Bob’s daydream, the tables are about to be turned: when he turns up to a graffiti-covered warehouse in riot gear, he’s ready to take control, forcing uniformed cop Will Swagger to swallow every inch of his rigid dick. It turns out Will’s all too happy to be turned into a compliant cocksucker, getting on his knees and working his lips around Bob’s swollen head with unconcealed enthusiasm, working his own tool at the same time.

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Straight boys stripped by uniformed officers

The deviant cops at Clothed Male: Nude Male have a novel solution for the yob culture blighting Britain’s streets – and it involves a lot of strip searching, ritual humiliation and degrading sexual abuse.

Two thugs are abused by uniformed officers

Cocky young thug Fraser is a perfect catch. He’s been caught fighting and now he’s been reeled into the police station where he’s forced to strip, lick ass, suck cock and kiss another inmate. Very soon it’s the scene of a full-scale orgy orchestrated by the sick cops, where Fraser is made to take centre stage in their perverted games.

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Straight thug gets a cavity search

The makers of Straight Hell do reality porn better than most. Their CMNM (Clothed Male: Nude Male) site is full of nasty, sick little fantasies about hapless young guys getting stripped, groped and abused by groups of predatory men who stay clothed.

Police officers strip a young straight hooligan

Saturday Night Blues is their regular police series. Whatever their crime, the arrogant young criminals who find themselves in the CMNM cop shop will invariably be forced to get naked and be subjected to a catalogue of humiliating abuse at the hands of the corrupt boys in blue. I guess Saturday must be their favourite night of the week: it’s peak time for reeling in law-breaking hot straight boys. Continue reading Straight thug gets a cavity search