Francois Sagat fucked and pissed over

Some of the gear Francois Sagat’s buddies are showing off in this scene from Titan’s Incubus defies straightforward classification. There’s definitely some rubber, possibly a bit of spandex – and for some reason it all has holes in it. But the guys look hot nonetheless.

Sagat’s debut as a director is a colourful dreamscape of whacked-out surrealism and creepy nightmare imagery. In this, the movie’s opening scene, Francois wakes up in a desert landscape after passing out in the middle of a raunchy party the night before. He stumbles home to rejoin playmates Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed.

Francois Sagat, Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed in Incubus

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Sektor 9 studs fuck in sling

Bearded blond stud Chris Daniels finds Marc Dylan languishing in a sling in a small cell, with his cute butt and hard cock on display, waiting to be put to use.

Marc Dylan gets fucked in a sling

Daniels gets down and starts eating his ass, exploring Dylan’s hole with his tongue. Marc groans with pleasure as Chris alternates between licking out his butt and sucking on his hard dick, which peeps out of his crotchless rubber shorts.

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Strung up by Tony Buff

I love the look of leather chaps over denim jeans – but it’s a combination you see on the fetish scene less and less. Most guys I know only ever wear a jock with their chaps. In fact the last time I bought a pair from my local leather store, the ditzy twinks who served me stared in something approaching disbelief when I said I needed some with enough give in them for jeans underneath. I think it’s a great look – one that makes me think of Marlboro ads and 70s porn – which is why I’m glad to see Tony Buff wearing denim under his leather in his new scene for Fetish Force.

Tony Buff fucks J.R. Matthews in a rope sling

There’s no question Buff’s an expert at anything to do with filth, kink and depravity – and we’ve seen him gravitate from Titan to Raging Stallion, developing his own specialist line of extreme fuck flicks with each of them. This time, he’s showing off his rope skills to J.R. Matthews, suspending the lean, smooth-skinned stud in an intricate web of red cord.

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Dog training with Kyle King

This scene from the Hot House sleaze epic Sektor 9 starts with handsome Kyle King trapped in a cage wearing nothing but a yellow rubber jock and a collar, and with a latex doggie tail shoved in his ass.

Bruno Knight plays with Kyle King in Sektor 9

Hairy cub Bruno Knight teases King by feeding him his cock through the bars, and then releases him to let him walk about on all fours. As he plays with the heavy rubber tail in Kyle’s ass, Bruno has his filthy pet yapping like a little puppy – and then he pulls it out so he can feast on the mutt’s lightly haired butt hole.

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Titan pigs wallow in piss

Deven James and Adam Herst have ditched leather for latex in the latest instalment of the Titan sleazefest Leather and Piss, with James showing off his impressive bulge in a black rubber jock while Herst sports a pair of hot rubber briefs. The series got off to an assured start with Nate Pierce and Roman Wright – and this time we’re in for more of the same intense action, as James and Herst get down to a full-on session of fucking and deep throating, washed down with about a gallon of hot piss.

Deven James fucks Adam Herst in Leather and Piss

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Angelo Marconi gets it in the ass

I love the opening of this scene from Raging Stallion’s Dominus, with stunning Angelo Marconi slouched on a leather couch in boots, bicep bands and leather briefs, slowly massaging his crotch. This spectacular stud just smoulders as he watches bearded Josh West and you can see every muscle in his taught, toned, oiled-up chest as he works his cock.

Angelo Marconi sucks cock and gets fucked

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Wilfried Knight and Aymeric DeVille get rubbered up and down ‘n dirty

This scene from Titan’s Full Fetish has bearded big-dicked Aymeric DeVille bound to a St Andrew’s cross with bondage tape. He’s packed his muscular body into a tight-fitting rubber wrestling suit, while hunky Wilfried Knight is wearing a rubber apron and gauntlets as he crouches down to play with DeVille’s cock.

Wilfried Knight and Aymeric DeVille playing in rubber

When he’s released, Aymeric gets on his knees and starts working Knight’s enormous dick, sucking on it hungrily and letting the rubber top piss all over his face.

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Hotshot lawyer pisses over arrogant city suit

A coolly manipulative lawyer gets more than he bargained for in Men at Play’s follow-up to their sleazy piss-in-suits episode The Golden Handshake.

Samson Stone and Damien Crosse in The Golden Payback

After sexually abusing an employee in the men’s room, bad attitude boss Damien Crosse gets a grilling from uptown lawyer Samson Stone. Stone’s seen footage of the ‘ordeal’ from CCTV and now he’s determined to nail Crosse – and not just in court. Bent on showing him just how it feels to suffer sexual degradation at the hands of a god-given muscle stud, he pins Damien to the wall and starts manhandling his manhood before pushing him down onto the couch and taking a leak all over his expensive suit. Continue reading Hotshot lawyer pisses over arrogant city suit

Shrink wrapped redhead forced to give up his ass

Brenn Wyson is looking less than completely comfortable. With a red ball gag in his mouth and about a mile of cellophane wrapped around his body, he can’t move, he can’t talk and he can’t say no.

Jimmy Durano fucks Brenn Wyson

So when sexy bearded Latin top Jimmy Durano demands, “Will you give me what I want?” there’s not a lot of room for negotiation, and poor Brenn has no choice but to suck it up. And that’s just what he does.

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Francois Sagat opens wide for Rafael Alencar’s massive dick

“Yeah, suck that deep, boy. Don’t stop,” orders Rafael Alencar as Francois Sagat feasts on his enormous cock in this scene from Instinct.

Rafael Alencar and Francois Sagat

Handsome, harnessed Alencar makes a great top, giving all the right verbal as he dominates Sagat. Dressed in a leather jock and bicep bands, Sagat sucks hungrily on Rafael’s humongous dick, clearly savouring every inch. Before long, Alencar has him bent over a barrel and he’s licking his ass, lubing it up with spit before he starts slapping his big cock against Francois’ ass cheeks. We get some great close-ups as he tongues Sagat’s puckered hole and gets his thumb in there, stretching it open.

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