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Red rubber slave gets hi-tech anal workout

With his preppy looks and boyish grin, Lucas Knight might look all sweetness and light – but past performances have already hinted that this cute lad’s innocent exterior hides a few dirty secrets. This time, though, he’s gone all out and indulged his inner pig, slicked up in red rubber and gagging to be worked over by bondage top Jaxton Wheeler.

Lucas Knight gets his butt played with

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Jessie Colter stripped, strung up and abused

Jessie Colter looks cute when he’s being tortured. That might sound like a rather double-edged compliment, but Jessie’s done so much rough porn that he must be on his way to becoming an S/M icon by now. We’ve seen him trussed up and subjected to a barrage of abuse in movies for Hot House, Titan and Bound Gods – and usually with a ball-busting hard-on throughout. Here he’s being put through another painful ordeal in bondage, this time by Fetish Force.

Image of Dirk Caber edging Jessie Colter in The Trustees

In Tony Buff’s latest roughie The Trustees, the agents of an oppressive state target anyone who dares to challenge their authority, putting their prisoners through all manner of sexual degradation. Continue reading Jessie Colter stripped, strung up and abused

Electro top zaps muscle boy’s cock and ass

This scene with Shay Michaels and Leo Forte combines two of my favourite things: sounding and electro. A twisted carnival is the backdrop for this descent into kink and depravity from director Tony Buff. It’s after closing time and the carnival boys head out to the backyard to inflict all kinds of vicious humiliation on each other.

Picture of Leo Forte using an electrified sound on Shay Michaels' cock

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Dirk Caber’s electro masterclass

Electro: I love it. I first tried it a few years ago, and since then I’ve discovered there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a live electrode in your butt. And in this footage shot at the Bound Jocks booth at IML, Dirk Caber and JR Bronson are here to show how it’s done.

Picture of an electro plug in a muscled bubble butt

Watch this pig’s ass muscles twitch!

It’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t done it. The electrode sends a pulse into your muscles, and you can normally vary the wave pattern and intensity with a handheld power box. I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s like being fucked – but I wouldn’t say that quite nails it. It’s a completely different sensation when you feel the current working the muscles in your ass. It isn’t painful or uncomfortable – and you can go on for hours. I like it on my cock too, but I’d definitely say the electro butt play comes out on top. For me it’s a close second to fisting. Continue reading Dirk Caber’s electro masterclass

Dirk Caber plays with electro

Dirk Caber earns my respect for being a filthy bottom pig in movies like Dog Fight, where he behaves like a puppy and throws a whole bowlful of his own piss all over his face. In Titan’s Loud and Nasty, he’s switching, starting off by torturing Jesse Jackman before getting on his back to take the built stud’s cock in his ass.

Dirk Caber torments Jesse Jackman with a violet want

The final scene in Titan’s new roughie starts with hairy hunk Jesse Jackman tied to a St Andrew’s cross, while Dirk Caber, in a leather harness and jockstrap, uses a violet wand to direct a stream of electricity at his chest and nipples. It looks pretty painful, but Jackman still manages to laugh between bouts of torture. Caber keeps the wand in contact with Jesse’s skin as he gets on his knees and sucks the big man’s dick.

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