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Derek Parker pounds Blue Bailey’s hole

Here comes another hot scene from Club Inferno’s Hole Busters series, this time with Derek Parker topping boyish Blue Bailey.

Derek Parker in Hole Busters 7

Hard, ripped, tattooed top Parker kicks back in the corner of an underground dungeon and lights a cigar. Dressed in a neoprene harness and jock, the hulking stud squeezes his crotch while he watches masked Bailey drilling his young ass with a big dildo. Continue reading Derek Parker pounds Blue Bailey’s hole

Jackson Lawless gets his hole stuffed

I don’t think I’ve been paying enough attention to Jackson Lawless. The last scene I saw him in was made a couple of years ago, but this boy’s grown into a hot, handsome muscle stud – and he looks awesome in leather.

Jackson Lawless in leather

In this scene from Hole Busters 6 (which is looking more and more like essential viewing with every segment that gets released), Jackson’s sitting in a barber’s chair when Jordano Santoro turns up in a rubber apron and squirts gloopy lube into his ass using a turkey baster. Continue reading Jackson Lawless gets his hole stuffed

James Ryder gets an army drilling

Private James Ryder needs training up. Drill Sergeant Josh West demands the best from his new recruits – and Ryder’s tight hole needs work.

Josh West and James Ryder in Hole Busters 6

“I won’t hurt ya too bad today,” sneers Sergeant West. He’s already put Ryder through a gruelling exercise routine that leaves the young Private physically exhausted. But there’s more to come: West wants to see that hole stretched wide open, so he carefully selects a huge flesh-coloured latex truncheon, greases it up and works it in and out of the youngster’s ass. Cue plenty of mouthwatering shots of gloopy, messy lube getting squeezed out of Ryder’s butt as Josh forces the massive dildo deep inside his hole. Continue reading James Ryder gets an army drilling

Tristan Pheonix gets two dildos shoved up him

Sexy sub Tristan Phoenix is on the menu for the second time this week with this scorching scene from Club Inferno’s Hole Busters series.

Trenton Ducati plays with Tristan Phoenix's hole

This time Tristan’s been paired up with stunning muscle stud Trenton Ducati, who wanders in to find the filthy bottom whore fucking his own butt with a dildo. Trenton takes over, grabbing the thick latex truncheon and firmly sliding it in and out of Tristan’s hole. Continue reading Tristan Pheonix gets two dildos shoved up him

Married guy fucks himself in leather mask

It’s a good thing I like masks. Not every porn model is happy to show their face on camera – and while I guess there are surfers out there who feel they’re missing something by not seeing the whole picture, I can just as easily get off on a hot guy’s anonymity.

Jake Perry jerks off

Jake Perry’s jerking off over web cam in a video chat room. With his full leather hood, it’s hard to see who we’re dealing with here, but he’s got a smooth athletic body, a big cock and tight, shaved hole.

Continue reading Married guy fucks himself in leather mask

Hung jock works on his hole

Ty Roderick loves his hole. There’s clearly no faking here – this lean, square-jawed jock can really get into his own ass. And when the handsome muscle stud gets on his back on a bench in the locker room, he doesn’t need anyone else. With a bunch of his favourite toys laid out next to him, he’s ready to have a party all on his own.

Ty Roderick greases up a big dildo

Continue reading Hung jock works on his hole

Cute Seb wrecks his hole

It’s my pet theory that inside every sweet, smiling, innocent-looking boy there’s a filthy, depraved, no-holds-barred butt whore just waiting to get out. Case in point: Sebastian Keys is looking all sweetness and light with his cute preppy looks, his slender toned build and his hairless torso – but put a wicked-looking pump-up butt plug in his hand and he knows exactly where he’s going with it.

Sebastian Keys fucks himself with a dildo

Don’t judge this book by its cover. Young Sebastian may look like a nice boy but inside he’s just dirty and lewd. With an inflatable plug stuffed deep in his hole, he starts pumping it up as big as it’ll go. Once it’s blown up like a big balloon, he squeezes it out, enjoying the sensation as it stretches his sphincter.

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