Francois Sagat fucked and pissed over

Some of the gear Francois Sagat’s buddies are showing off in this scene from Titan’s Incubus defies straightforward classification. There’s definitely some rubber, possibly a bit of spandex – and for some reason it all has holes in it. But the guys look hot nonetheless.

Sagat’s debut as a director is a colourful dreamscape of whacked-out surrealism and creepy nightmare imagery. In this, the movie’s opening scene, Francois wakes up in a desert landscape after passing out in the middle of a raunchy party the night before. He stumbles home to rejoin playmates Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed.

Francois Sagat, Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed in Incubus

Francois, Michaels and Reed take turns to drool over each others’ massive power tools, and at one point Reed gets to sit on the floor between the other two while they shower him with hot streams of golden piss. Reed gives Michaels a hard fuck in his ass while he in turn buries his tongue deep in Sagat’s hole. Then they swap so Sagat gets to feel Spencer’s big dick fill his hole while handsome Shay squats over his mouth to feed him his hairy asshole.

Francois Sagat, Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed in Incubus

Next Francois gets his turn to fuck Shay as he groans, “Fuck me, please fuck me,” between mouthfuls of Spencer’s dick. And finally it’s Sagat’s turn in the middle again, with Michaels’ cock in his ass and Reed’s in his face, as he rounds the scene off covered with sweat, piss and cum.

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