Straight thug gets a cavity search

The makers of Straight Hell do reality porn better than most. Their CMNM (Clothed Male: Nude Male) site is full of nasty, sick little fantasies about hapless young guys getting stripped, groped and abused by groups of predatory men who stay clothed.

Police officers strip a young straight hooligan

Saturday Night Blues is their regular police series. Whatever their crime, the arrogant young criminals who find themselves in the CMNM cop shop will invariably be forced to get naked and be subjected to a catalogue of humiliating abuse at the hands of the corrupt boys in blue. I guess Saturday must be their favourite night of the week: it’s peak time for reeling in law-breaking hot straight boys.

In this episode, violent thug Fraser gets dragged in by two uniformed police officers. He may be a mouthy little fucker, but when he’s forcibly stripped and put through a degrading examination – in the course of which the officers take a swab from his dick and probe his hairy, virgin ass – his defiance begins to break.

If you’re new to CMNM, make sure you check out the trailer for Trojan Motors about half way down their tour page. Their hilarious send-up of management development naval-gazing is a good example of how this site does reality porn with a nasty inventive twist that puts other gay reality sites in the shade.

Watch arrogant young straight guys being stripped and groped

A juvenile offender is put through a humiliating ordeal

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