Into the Tank joins My Pleasure: Saturday December 28, 2013

If you’re anywhere near Madrid over the holiday period, don’t miss Into the Tank when it joins forces with gay mega-party My Pleasure. This time, Into the Tank is just one of several satellite clubs that feature in the sex and dance all-nighter. With live sex shows, a huge dark room and a lineup of top DJs, it’s bound to be a good one.

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The party starts at 10pm. Check the My Pleasure or Into the Tank websites for more details.

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Electro top zaps muscle boy’s cock and ass

This scene with Shay Michaels and Leo Forte combines two of my favourite things: sounding and electro. A twisted carnival is the backdrop for this descent into kink and depravity from director Tony Buff. It’s after closing time and the carnival boys head out to the backyard to inflict all kinds of vicious humiliation on each other.

Picture of Leo Forte using an electrified sound on Shay Michaels' cock

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Big-dicked Latino rubber pig gets fucked stupid

I’m guessing there’s no shortage of empty, derelict, porn-friendly industrial buildings around Berlin. Peeling paintwork and collapsing plaster have formed the backdrop for many a scene from Cazzo‘s extensive back catalogue. This new one starts with hooded Latin fucker Bruno Cane – nicely rubbered-up in a red, crotchless, bare-assed, latex wrestler suit – stroking his fat, juicy dick.

Picture of Bruno Cane sucking Luca di Neppe's cock

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Police officer fists cock-hungry jailbird

Life behind bars is never going to be easy but with a hot cop like Dolan Wolf in charge, it can have its perks too. In this scene from Long Arm of the Law, Wolf manages to handball prisoner Brandon Moore through the bars of his cell before forcing him to strip and fist his own butt for his entertainment.

Image of Dolan Wolf fisting Brandon Moore

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