Marc Dylan relieves some executive pressure

Cute, hunky Marc Dylan has power-bottomed his way from nowhere to superstar status in little over a year. Here he is taking it in the ass for Raging Stallion in a scene from Suited for Sex.

Steve Vex sucks Marc Dylan's cock

Marc Dylan and muscular Steve Vex are all over each other on a leather couch in their sprawling open-plan office. Marc’s pinstripe pants are pulled down to his knees and Vex is gorging on his rigid tool, alternating between jerking it with his hands and working his way up and down over the head with his mouth. It’s Marc’s turn next as Steve drops his pants to reveal a rock-hard boner. Dylan gets straight to work, hungrily devouring his colleague’s straining hard-on.

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Dillon Buck plays daddy

Dads Fuck Lads – a brand new site from FreshSX – gets off to a great start with this sizzling scene of intergenerational fetish play starring Dillon Buck and Fran K.

Fran K licks Dillon Buck's cock

After working his way around Dillon Buck’s huge dick with his mouth, Fran lies back in the sling. This is no time to be taking it easy, though, as Dillon greases up a big dildo and slides it into Fran’s waiting boy hole. The young pup grits his teeth from the effort of taking it while bearded Dillon – sporting a leather harness for this scene – screws the latex tool in and out.

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Angelo Marconi stripped and fucked

It seems like just about everyone jumped on the studs-in-suits bandwagon after Men at Play established it as a lucrative niche – even if few studios have ever done it as well. But if there’s one man I want to see in a suit – or in anything for that matter – it’s Angelo Marconi, here sharing the floor with bearded muscle stud Tom Wolfe.

Angelo Marconi sucks cock

The scene kicks off with Marconi and Wolfe deep kissing on the couch. Marconi works his way down to Wolfe’s nipples, stomach and finally pulls his cock out from his suit pants. It’s my bet that Angelo Marconi gives the best blowjobs in the business. He certainly looks good as he works his mouth around the head of Tom’s dick and strokes up and down on the shaft with his lips before throating it all the way to the hilt.

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Eagle Amsterdam back in business

When The Eagle on Warmoesstraat closed a year and a half ago, it was part of a decline that suggested maybe the Amsterdam leather scene had had its day. But the celebrated fetish haunt is back – and the new management is promising it’ll be better than ever.

The Eagle Amsterdam

The Eagle opened its doors on Wednesday, April 18 – the first time since its closure at the end of 2010. Their regular line-up of events includes Code night every Thursday – and special events on the horizon include Recon’s Full Fetish Amsterdam on Saturday May 19 and the Bear Necessity after party on the morning of June 3.

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Sean Lawrence jerks off

Hungarian hunk Sean Lawrence, whose first solo was a huge hit for Men at Play a few months ago, returns this week in Sean Lawrence Needs You.

Sean Lawrence in Sean Lawrence Needs You

He’s got chiselled features, a square jaw, movie star looks and a totally perfect physique. When he made his debut on MAP at the end of last year, he won himself instant adoration and fan worship. And here he is again – back in a suit, of course – giving us a ringside view of his early morning routine. Continue reading Sean Lawrence jerks off