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Even more fisting with Dolan Wolf

Party animal Dolan Wolf is at it again: this week’s handball marathon is a sizzling threeway with Drew Sebastian and Rikk York. What grabs me about this scene, even more than the hard fisting action, is the shot of York’s rubber gauntlet-clad hand stroking his crotch through his latex jock. Something about the brief image of rubber against rubber sends an electric charge straight to my dick. There’s also a mouthwatering closeup of his gloved hand clasping his slimy, heavily greased dick that does it for me too – check out the free preview to see what I mean.

Dolan Wolf reflected in Rikk York's sunglasses

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5 hot scenes with Dolan Wolf

He’s a gear-fetish idol, self-professed kinkster, a sci-fi geek and, according to his website, ‘a professional badass’. When it comes to fisting, he gives and takes in equal measure. Plus he was recently awarded the coveted title of Best British Daddy – at the ripe old age of 42.

Image of Dolan Wolf in a leather harness

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Police officer fists cock-hungry jailbird

Life behind bars is never going to be easy but with a hot cop like Dolan Wolf in charge, it can have its perks too. In this scene from Long Arm of the Law, Wolf manages to handball prisoner Brandon Moore through the bars of his cell before forcing him to strip and fist his own butt for his entertainment.

Image of Dolan Wolf fisting Brandon Moore

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Christian Herzog fisted again

I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching this handsome stud getting his butt stuffed with another man’s hand. He’s become a semi-regular feature in the German Cazzo movies. And every time I watch him I’m impressed at how much Christian Herzog can take. In this scene, he’s giving as well as taking. Beefed up somewhat since his last appearance, his meaty forearm offers a satisfying stretching to another hungry hole: that belonging to bearded cub Dolan Wolf.

Picture of Christian Herzog getting fisted

Dolan Wolf bends over and sticks his ass out so Christian can work on it with a fat, ridged, black dildo. Getting it generously slicked up with lube, he works the toy in and out of Dolan’s butt, filling up his ample hole. The best bit of the scene comes when the two lie back, ass to ass, and grasp each other’s hands as they share a huge double-ended dildo, fucking themselves and each other at the same time. Continue reading Christian Herzog fisted again

Rubber pig works his cock and ass

Some guys are better at solo scenes than others – and Dolan Wolf is definitely one of them. This hot, bearded rubber pig shows he can really get into his own ass and dick with this scorching display of self-love in the opening scene from Slick.

Picture of Dolan Wolf in rubber shorts

In the dark Colt dungeon, Wolf applies a layer of slippery lube to the front of his red and black latex shorts and his furry chest, making himself wet with sticky goo. Another moment and his rubber shorts are open, revealing his hard uncut dick, which he rubs up and down, getting the foreskin covered with lube. Dolan gets down on his knees next and bends over, unzipping the shorts further to reveal his tight hairy hole, getting it slippery with lube and pushing his fingers inside. Continue reading Rubber pig works his cock and ass

Dolan Wolf’s army jerk-off

Bob Hager and Dolan Wolf have already had a scene each in Colt’s new gearfest Armour. But here are the two bearded studs appearing together for a military interrogation that ends with the two of them shooting jets of hot cum into each other’s hands.

Dolan Wolf in Armour

Dolan Wolf is sitting tight, waiting expectantly in an underground bunker, bare-chested in a pair of khaki leather riding pants and a leather cap. Interrogator Bob Hager is taking his time though, prowling around his victim in his leather jock and harness, blowing smoke from a fat cigar. Continue reading Dolan Wolf’s army jerk-off

Wilfried Knight fucks Dolan Wolf

This master/slave encounter sees COLT going back to basics, with leather-clad Spanish daddy Wilfried Knight dominating sexy cub Dolan Wolf in a purpose-built bondage chamber.

Dolan Wolf in chains

Bearded Brit Dolan Wolf is bound and helpless, his wrists hanging from the top bar of a four-poster bed. Hard leather top Wilfried Knight is prepared to release him, but only at a price: Dolan has to service his every whim until he’s completely satisfied. Continue reading Wilfried Knight fucks Dolan Wolf