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Video: David Benjamin gets sleazy in a sling

This is one of the high points from Titan’s recent fetish actioner Rough Trade. It sees ripped, handsome David Benjamin at his very best – in this scene kicking back in the sling while Dirk Caber and Nick Prescott get stuck into his ass.

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Dolan Wolf, David Benjamin and Dirk Caber get rough for Titan

There was a long period when Titan looked like it had given up on the fetish genre. Icons marked a return to their original style of rough n’ ready raunch – and it looks like it wasn’t just a blip either, because now they’re back again with Rough Trade.

David Benjamin in Rough Trade

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Race Cooper endures brutal tit torture

Dirk Caber is dominating Tony Buff’s latest SM actioner in more ways than one. This week sees his fourth appearance in The Trustees. He’s already put Jessie Colter through an agonizing ordeal involving bondage and electro and he fisted Race Cooper so hard he had him close to tears. Now he’s got Cooper cuffed and helpless in a chair and he’s about to start his merciless interrogation all over again.

Image of Dirk Caber squeezing Race Cooper's tits

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Video: Dirk Caber fucks Jessie Colter

Power bottom Jessie Colter is back for more punishment in the new scene from Tony Buff’s The Trustees. He’s already been given a thorough going over by abusive top Dirk Caber – but the two seem to be getting on rather better in this clip.

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5 hot scenes with Race Cooper

Race Cooper first exploded onto our screens in XXX, Steve Cruz’s adrenaline-charged third feature for Mustang Studios in 2009. His electric scene with Scott Alexander was an instant hit. It launched the former TV producer into a career in porn that would see him headline for the likes of Raging Stallion, Men at Play, Kink.com and Cazzo. He’s since established his own paysite, Edger9.com, and his own wrestling fundraiser night at San Francisco’s The Powerhouse. All that, and he’s an accomplished blogger too; his writing reveals a perceptive, humorous, sometimes challenging perspective on porn, the media, gay life and… well, race.

Image of Race Cooper in The Trustees

Plus, of course, he’s an unapologetic lover of kink, often describing himself as a sexual ‘freak’. His work with Tony Buff for Fetish Force bears him out: we’ve seen him do fisting, sounding and bondage, lapping it all up with boundless energy.

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Jessie Colter stripped, strung up and abused

Jessie Colter looks cute when he’s being tortured. That might sound like a rather double-edged compliment, but Jessie’s done so much rough porn that he must be on his way to becoming an S/M icon by now. We’ve seen him trussed up and subjected to a barrage of abuse in movies for Hot House, Titan and Bound Gods – and usually with a ball-busting hard-on throughout. Here he’s being put through another painful ordeal in bondage, this time by Fetish Force.

Image of Dirk Caber edging Jessie Colter in The Trustees

In Tony Buff’s latest roughie The Trustees, the agents of an oppressive state target anyone who dares to challenge their authority, putting their prisoners through all manner of sexual degradation. Continue reading Jessie Colter stripped, strung up and abused

Dirk Caber’s electro masterclass

Electro: I love it. I first tried it a few years ago, and since then I’ve discovered there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a live electrode in your butt. And in this footage shot at the Bound Jocks booth at IML, Dirk Caber and JR Bronson are here to show how it’s done.

Picture of an electro plug in a muscled bubble butt

Watch this pig’s ass muscles twitch!

It’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t done it. The electrode sends a pulse into your muscles, and you can normally vary the wave pattern and intensity with a handheld power box. I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s like being fucked – but I wouldn’t say that quite nails it. It’s a completely different sensation when you feel the current working the muscles in your ass. It isn’t painful or uncomfortable – and you can go on for hours. I like it on my cock too, but I’d definitely say the electro butt play comes out on top. For me it’s a close second to fisting. Continue reading Dirk Caber’s electro masterclass

Hunter Marx fucks straightjacketed Dirk Caber

I guess I haven’t been taking enough notice of Titan hunk Hunter Marx. This towering, handsome, muscled stud has almost slipped my radar completely over the time I’ve been updating my blog – and here he is looking achingly hot in a scene from Heavy Duty. Needless to say, he’s got my attention now.

Picture of Hunter Mark fucking Dirk Caber in Heavy Duty

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