Josh West hogtied in spandex

This really couldn’t be better: two of porn’s hottest daddies playing bondage games in skintight spandex.

Bound Jocks: Samuel Colt and Josh West

This week’s Bound Jocks are Samuel Colt and Josh West. Colt’s on top (although to look at them it could have gone either way) and he’s already got West tied up and incapacitated. Never one to let an opportunity slip by, Colt frees Josh’s huge hard-on from his spandex wrestling suit and gets to work.

With West’s balls tied to his ankles with a thin cord, Colt fastens his mouth around his dick, swallowing it all the way to the root. Crossing to stand over Josh’s face, he feeds the bearded bottom his own massive cock, leaning over to take another mouthful of the other man’s meat.

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Samuel Colt puts Josh West in bondage

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