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5 hot scenes with Dolan Wolf

He’s a gear-fetish idol, self-professed kinkster, a sci-fi geek and, according to his website, ‘a professional badass’. When it comes to fisting, he gives and takes in equal measure. Plus he was recently awarded the coveted title of Best British Daddy – at the ripe old age of 42.

Image of Dolan Wolf in a leather harness

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5 hot scenes with Jimmy Durano

He’s got Latin looks, rock-hard abs, a spectacular bubble butt and a thick, juicy, uncut cock. Brazilian-born power top Jimmy Durano made his mainstream porn debut in Chi Chi LaRue’s Steven Daigle: XXXPosed, after a series of appearances on amateur site CollegeDudes – and his star has been rocketing ever since.

Jimmy Durano and Liam Harkmore in Hole Busters 10

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Adam Champ explores JR Bronson’s bubble butt

Another hot musclebound hunk has been tied down in the Bound Jocks studio with his ass on display waiting to be used. This time it’s handsome JR Bronson – with his wrists and ankles bound and a rag stuffed in his mouth. Will he wriggle out of his bonds before mean top Adam Champ invades his butt with a big flesh-coloured dildo?

Picture of Adam Champ stuffing JR Bronson's ass

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Dirk Caber’s electro masterclass

Electro: I love it. I first tried it a few years ago, and since then I’ve discovered there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a live electrode in your butt. And in this footage shot at the Bound Jocks booth at IML, Dirk Caber and JR Bronson are here to show how it’s done.

Picture of an electro plug in a muscled bubble butt

Watch this pig’s ass muscles twitch!

It’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t done it. The electrode sends a pulse into your muscles, and you can normally vary the wave pattern and intensity with a handheld power box. I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s like being fucked – but I wouldn’t say that quite nails it. It’s a completely different sensation when you feel the current working the muscles in your ass. It isn’t painful or uncomfortable – and you can go on for hours. I like it on my cock too, but I’d definitely say the electro butt play comes out on top. For me it’s a close second to fisting. Continue reading Dirk Caber’s electro masterclass

Cute wrestler gets his face fucked

I’ve always thought there’s something secretly horny about wedgies – it’s like a guilty sexual hangover from my school days. Latin stud Alexander Garrett puts it into practice in this scene from Bound Jocks, pulling the back of Doug Acre’s wrestling suit until it’s firmly stuck between the poor boy’s reddened ass cheeks.

Picture of Doug Acre sucking Alexander Garrett's dick

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Landon Conrad tied up in spandex

It’s going to take poor Landon Conrad a bit of time to work his cock to the point he can actually cum – what with his wrists and ankles tied so he can’t reach it. He’s stretched out on a metal table in a tight-fitting spandex wrestler’s suit in this solo shoot for Bound Jocks, just itching to grab hold of his joint and jack off.

Picture of Landon Conrad in a spandex wrestling suit

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Troy Daniels bondaged in sport kit

“Stretch me out,” begs footballer Troy Daniels, pushing his ass out as he waits, bent over and tied to a stool. Quarterback Lucas Knight is only too happy to oblige, pushing a big rubber dildo into the stud’s greased-up hole.

Troy Daniels gets his butt plowed

By this stage, Troy’s already shown what a dedicated player he is by trying to take Knight’s big dick all the way into his mouth. It’s a tight fit and he has a hard time getting the whole thing in. But Lucas is more than happy to turn his attention to his teammate’s butt instead, first fucking him with a big dildo, then forcing a plump butt plug in there. Continue reading Troy Daniels bondaged in sport kit