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Video: Cazzo serves up a sleazy smorgasbord

Be warned: this compilation definitely isn’t for the fainthearted. The Best of Perverts is aptly named. In this 90-plus minute trip through the grubbiest corners of Cazzo’s back catalogue, we get to see everything from extreme pumping to dog training, boot fucking and more – a lot more.

Watch the full movie at Cazzo

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Video: dog handler fucks his pup

The Dom is the new fetish blockbuster from Hot House – and this scorching scene’s got James Ryder as a cute doggie who’s been locked in a cage by mean top Trenton Ducati.

James Ryder in The Dom

In his rubber vest and jock, James Ryder looks like the perfect pet as he waits in his cage, deep in an underground dungeon. It looks like James is none too happy to be locked up, as he rattles on the bars and tries to escape. But he doesn’t have long to wait. Soon Trenton Ducati turns up – wearing a chain harness and all-concealing mask – to let him out to play. It turns out the reason Ryder’s so keen to be freed is because he’s itching for cock. After licking Trenton’s boots and getting a rubber dog tail stuffed in his hole, he can finally get to work on Ducati’s busting hard-on. Continue reading Video: dog handler fucks his pup

Hot dogs: Adam Killian and Jesse Santana puppy play

These two playful puppies are never happier than when they’re nuzzling each other’s assholes. We’ve seen Jesse Santana take on every kind of fetish play in the past. This time he shows he can be an affectionate pet too – and like every good dog, Jesse gets his bone.

Jesse Santana sucks Adam Killian's dick

Frisky pups Jesse and Adam Killian start off wrestling over a rope toy, each trying to rip it from the other’s teeth. Adam wins the first round, though, and ends up tossing it off the bed and onto the mat below. When Santana goes to fetch it, Killian decides to turn dog trainer before rewarding Jesse by stuffing his face between his butt cheeks and licking his ass. Continue reading Hot dogs: Adam Killian and Jesse Santana puppy play

Dog training with Marc Dylan

By now I guess we all know how much Marc Dylan just loves to get fucked. Over the past year, the muscle bottom with the devilish grin has built a reputation around taking it in the ass for the likes of Hot House, Falcon and COLT.

Marc Dylan fucked by Mitch Vaughn

Here he is in Raging Stallion’s Alley Cats, where he’s been brought to an empty alleyway by super-ripped leather master Mitch Vaughn. Vaughn’s got Marc on a dog leash – and as he pushes his playful puppy up against the wall, his training begins.

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Sick pup drinks piss for Tony Buff

This twisted role-play from Dog Fight starts with muzzled pup Dirk Caber being released from his leather dog mask by trainer Tony Buff. Once he’s free to use his mouth, the frisky canine kneels at Buff’s feet, licking his boots while he wags the latex tail he’s got shoved up his butt.

Dirk Caber tongues Tony Buff's cock

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Dog training with Kyle King

This scene from the Hot House sleaze epic Sektor 9 starts with handsome Kyle King trapped in a cage wearing nothing but a yellow rubber jock and a collar, and with a latex doggie tail shoved in his ass.

Bruno Knight plays with Kyle King in Sektor 9

Hairy cub Bruno Knight teases King by feeding him his cock through the bars, and then releases him to let him walk about on all fours. As he plays with the heavy rubber tail in Kyle’s ass, Bruno has his filthy pet yapping like a little puppy – and then he pulls it out so he can feast on the mutt’s lightly haired butt hole.

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Sleazy leather dog pisses in a bowl and drinks it

Solo scenes rarely rate this high. But sexy muscle cub Dirk Caber shows he can be a filthy dog even when he’s left to his own devices. With a rubber dog tail butt plug shoved deep into his hole and a leather dog mask covering his head, Caber cocks his leg and pisses in a metal bowl with a full hard-on.

Dirk Caber pisses in a dog bowl

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