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Video: Sebastian Keys gets the living shit kicked out of him

Cute, boyish Sebastian Keys is certainly no stranger to kink. He might look all sweetness and light but we already know how much this boy loves getting tied up or fisted rotten. This scene defintely ups the ante, however, with Keys playing a police officer who interrupts a bunch of horny guys cruising in a public toilet – and ends up getting thrown around the room like a rag doll.

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Would you let a machine fuck you?

Not everyone gets the concept of playing on one’s own. I used to be baffled by people who told me they sometimes got out their toys for a marathon solo session. After all, who wants to have sex by themselves? I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it – until, of course, I finally tried it. And it was better than I’d thought – strangely addictive even.

Luke Riley gets fucked by a machine

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Sebastian Keys bound, gagged and plugged in sports kit

I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of watching Sebastian Keys finding novel ways to get his slutty butt stuffed. While he’s not what I’d normally call my type, this filthy-minded lad shows such dedication to the cause that he’s fast becoming my favourite bottom.

Sebastian Keys fucks himself

In this shoot for Bound Jocks, Sebastian’s all tied up and gagged, dressed in sports kit with a black vest, jock and sneakers. Hanging enticingly from the metal scaffolding is a lacrosse stick with a green latex dildo stuck on the end. And all Seb has to do is get his ass high enough in the air and he’ll receive a good, satisfying fuck, just as hard as he wants it.

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Cute Seb wrecks his hole

It’s my pet theory that inside every sweet, smiling, innocent-looking boy there’s a filthy, depraved, no-holds-barred butt whore just waiting to get out. Case in point: Sebastian Keys is looking all sweetness and light with his cute preppy looks, his slender toned build and his hairless torso – but put a wicked-looking pump-up butt plug in his hand and he knows exactly where he’s going with it.

Sebastian Keys fucks himself with a dildo

Don’t judge this book by its cover. Young Sebastian may look like a nice boy but inside he’s just dirty and lewd. With an inflatable plug stuffed deep in his hole, he starts pumping it up as big as it’ll go. Once it’s blown up like a big balloon, he squeezes it out, enjoying the sensation as it stretches his sphincter.

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Cute bottom boy ready for first fist

Brian Bonds’ slicked-up hole looks like it’s winking at us. As this cute young butt slut lies on his back in his red harness and jock, his legs wide open, he tightens and relaxes his sphincter, squeezing out a trickle of lube. As his partner in this scene – the equally fuckable Sebastian Keys – rightly observes, that really is one “nice pretty hole”.

Brian Bonds jerks off into Sebastian Keys' hand

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