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Video: Dirk Caber fucks Jessie Colter

Power bottom Jessie Colter is back for more punishment in the new scene from Tony Buff’s The Trustees. He’s already been given a thorough going over by abusive top Dirk Caber – but the two seem to be getting on rather better in this clip.

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Jessie Colter stripped, strung up and abused

Jessie Colter looks cute when he’s being tortured. That might sound like a rather double-edged compliment, but Jessie’s done so much rough porn that he must be on his way to becoming an S/M icon by now. We’ve seen him trussed up and subjected to a barrage of abuse in movies for Hot House, Titan and Bound Gods – and usually with a ball-busting hard-on throughout. Here he’s being put through another painful ordeal in bondage, this time by Fetish Force.

Image of Dirk Caber edging Jessie Colter in The Trustees

In Tony Buff’s latest roughie The Trustees, the agents of an oppressive state target anyone who dares to challenge their authority, putting their prisoners through all manner of sexual degradation. Continue reading Jessie Colter stripped, strung up and abused

Trey Turner fucks Jessie Colter

Greedy Jessie Colter never can get enough dick in his ass. That on its own is nothing new, but what’s unusual about this time is, once he’s finished getting fucked rotten by Trey Turner, Jessie pays him back, plunging his rock-hard bone into the olive-skinned stud’s tasty-looking round butt.

Trey Turner fucks Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter really ought to try getting fisted. There are times he looks like he’s going to pass out from having a big dick rammed into his hole – in this scene, hung stud Trey Turner has him whimpering like a puppy as he hammers the bottom boy’s hole with his swollen man-meat.

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Jimmy Durano and Derek Parker in six-man orgy

There are some stunningly hot guys in this scene from Raging Stallion, which brings together bearded, ripped Jessie Colter with Jimmy Durano, Drake Jaden, Trey Turner, Matthew Mason and Derek Parker, all in one steaming orgy.

Jimmy Durano in a leather harness

Jessie Colter’s looking for trouble. He’s just hanging about, playing with his hard dick and stroking his hands over his muscled body when along comes Jimmy Durano in a jock and leather harness, ready for action. Colter gets right down to sucking Jimmy’s tasty cock, licking the shaft all over and gorging on the smooth head. And just as Jimmy gets down on his knees to pay him back, they’re joined by tattooed stud Drake Jaden, who’s ready to get his dick serviced too.

Derek Parker in Fucked Up

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Jessie Colter flogged and fucked

I’d drink Jessie Colter’s piss, so I can’t help feeling envious of leather hunk Brad Kalvo in this second instalment from Titan’s sleaze epic Loud and Nasty, when he gets down on the floor and takes a geyser of Colter’s hot piss right in his mouth.

Jessie Colter pisses in Brad Kalvo's mouth

We’ve seen a lot of Jessie Colter recently – and the lean, bearded stud always makes a good bottom in bondage and S/M scenes. I’m less familiar with Brad Kalvo, but he’s quite a find – a massive, hulking, handsome stud with Italian looks, a sleazy attitude and a cruel, merciless way with a stinging leather flogger.

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Cavin Knight gets off in gear

I’m really getting into Cavin Knight. This ripped stud was one of the best things about rubber actioner Sektor 9 – where he puts on a gas mask to inflict all kinds of abuse on Jessie Colter’s tender hole – and his rough, raunchy turn in Submit shows he’s a talented pig bottom too.

Cavin Knight licks Wilfried Knight's dick in Submit

Utah-born Cavin started out in modeling before making his xxx video debut with Mustang Studios’ Fit for Service in 2010, directed by Erik Rhodes. Since then he’s appeared in movies for Channel 1, Men at Play, Lucas Entertainment, Hot House, Cocksure Men, Raging Stallion and Titan – and somehow he’s managed to balance his regular porn gigs and live appearances with a day job in the corporate world. All that and he’s dating DJ/porn idol Tristan Jaxx, the pair having met on the set of Knight’s first movie.

He’s no stranger to gear fetish content – and we’ve seen him as both top and bottom in fetish movies for Hot House and Titan. Cavin claims one of his fantasies is to be strapped into a sling in a dark dungeon, with a dozen hot guys playing with his body and working his hole. (I’m hoping this one comes true for him – all the better if it gets caught on camera.) The closest he’s come so far is his scene with Wilfried Knight in Titan’s Submit, which has him on all fours in a gas mask and a leather jock strap, getting brutally fucked from behind before bearded top Wilfried flips him over and drenches his muscular body with a heavy stream of hot piss.

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Jessie Colter gets it in the alley

Jessie Colter always looks like he’s in seventh heaven when he’s taking it in the ass. His Sektor 9 performance showed us just how much he loves to get his hole played with – and this time he’s reduced to whimpering with pleasure as he’s probed by ripped Latino Alexander Garrett.

Jessie Colter fucked by Alexander Garrett

In this scene from Alley Cats, Colter encounters Garrett in a filthy dark alleyway. Swarthy, unshaven Alexander, in jeans and a leather harness, pushes Jessie up against the wall and starts groping at his crotch. Leaning against a stack of wooden crates, the Latin stud drops his pants as Jessie kneels at his feet, worshipping his dick with his ravenous mouth. Continue reading Jessie Colter gets it in the alley

Bondage boy gets his hole pumped by gas mask top

In this scene from brand-new Hot House actioner Sektor 9, Jessie Colter gets suspended from the ceiling in a web of rope while merciless top Cavin Knight jerks his cock and works on his hole. Colter is powerless to resist as Knight drives the huge dildo in and out before bending him over and shoving his cock deep inside his victim’s ass.

Cavin Knight fucks Jessie Colter

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