Best man gets it in the ass

Straight boy Paddy O’Brian’s come a long way since he made his gay porn debut a couple of years ago. His first shoots were solo jerk-off scenes, where the most you’d get to see was Paddy playing with his big dick. Before long he started experimenting with dildos, then after a while he was persuaded to let another guy suck his cock. But these days Paddy’s happy to go all the way and fuck his male co-stars’ brains out. And he looks like he’s enjoying himself too.

Trenton Ducati and Paddy O'Brian

The Big Day marks Paddy’s return to Men at Play after a long stint in the US, and this time he’s paired up with fellow Falcon regular Trenton Ducati. Trenton can’t believe his luck when bridegroom O’Brian is ready to drop his smart morning dress pants on the day of his wedding, and stuff his throbbing meat into his buddy’s tight hole. Continue reading Best man gets it in the ass

Wilfried Knight fucks Dolan Wolf

This master/slave encounter sees COLT going back to basics, with leather-clad Spanish daddy Wilfried Knight dominating sexy cub Dolan Wolf in a purpose-built bondage chamber.

Dolan Wolf in chains

Bearded Brit Dolan Wolf is bound and helpless, his wrists hanging from the top bar of a four-poster bed. Hard leather top Wilfried Knight is prepared to release him, but only at a price: Dolan has to service his every whim until he’s completely satisfied. Continue reading Wilfried Knight fucks Dolan Wolf

Video: dog handler fucks his pup

The Dom is the new fetish blockbuster from Hot House – and this scorching scene’s got James Ryder as a cute doggie who’s been locked in a cage by mean top Trenton Ducati.

James Ryder in The Dom

In his rubber vest and jock, James Ryder looks like the perfect pet as he waits in his cage, deep in an underground dungeon. It looks like James is none too happy to be locked up, as he rattles on the bars and tries to escape. But he doesn’t have long to wait. Soon Trenton Ducati turns up – wearing a chain harness and all-concealing mask – to let him out to play. It turns out the reason Ryder’s so keen to be freed is because he’s itching for cock. After licking Trenton’s boots and getting a rubber dog tail stuffed in his hole, he can finally get to work on Ducati’s busting hard-on. Continue reading Video: dog handler fucks his pup

Jimmy Durano has Jordano Santoro leaking lube from his ass

Jimmy Durano’s one of my favourite porn stars, so I really can’t blame Jordano Santoro when Jimmy has him reduced to behaving like a depraved animal in this instalment from the Hole Busters series.

Jimmy Durano plays with Jordano Santoro's butt

Santoro is on his back in a yellow and black Nasty Pig jock, with his mouth taped over and his wrists cuffed. Durano towers over him, waving a dangerous-looking flesh-toned dildo in his face before plunging it into his ass. Jimmy fills him up with plenty of lube, so the sticky white gunge dribbles out of his hole as he gets fucked with the rubber truncheon. Continue reading Jimmy Durano has Jordano Santoro leaking lube from his ass

Derek Parker pounds Blue Bailey’s hole

Here comes another hot scene from Club Inferno’s Hole Busters series, this time with Derek Parker topping boyish Blue Bailey.

Derek Parker in Hole Busters 7

Hard, ripped, tattooed top Parker kicks back in the corner of an underground dungeon and lights a cigar. Dressed in a neoprene harness and jock, the hulking stud squeezes his crotch while he watches masked Bailey drilling his young ass with a big dildo. Continue reading Derek Parker pounds Blue Bailey’s hole

Spanish businessman fucks escort in hotel room

Sergi Serrano is a sharp-dressing businessman who’s just arrived in Madrid. He’s checked into his luxurious hotel room – and now all he needs is someone to fuck in it.

Adrian Toledo in True Lies

Serrano summons escort Adrian Toledo to keep him entertained over the course of the night – but there’s a twist. Sergi wants to see Toledo get dressed up in one of his expensive suits before he pulls the boy’s pants down to slam his fat meat into that fresh young hole. Continue reading Spanish businessman fucks escort in hotel room