You’ll never leave the house

This guy looks as though he’d be happy like this for hours – days even. When the movie starts, he’s already strapped into a chair, completely encased in rubber, with only his feet and his balls exposed. His legs are held open with stirrups – and there’s an automated gadget riding up and down on his cock, edging him ever closer to blowing his load.

With a hood covering his face, he can’t see anything and the only sound he makes is a continual groaning that lasts the full 12 and a half minutes this German amateur video runs. But his two buddies have got it all worked out, occasionally stepping into the frame to tie up his balls, cane his feet or dose him with poppers.

It’s all the better for the fact we can hear them commenting on his predicament. The tempo gradually picks up as the two tease him by speeding up the device or suddenly slowing it down. It’s too bad the video cuts before he cums – but from the noises emerging from inside that hood, it’s a safe bet he’s having the time of his life. And all without moving an inch. Ingenious.

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