Dean Monroe’s forced workout

Handsome stud Dean Monroe has got some vicious-looking red marks on his wrists. That’s because cruel top Dirk Caber has got him tied to the end of a rope, enduring an agonizing forced workout.

Dean Monroe in bondage

Dean’s standing in his sport kit, hands tied behind his back, kept in place by a rope hanging from the ceiling, when along comes Dirk to put him through his paces. It starts with running on the spot, then tying up his balls with a shoelace and then – when he’s finally released – he’s made to do press-ups with Caber’s foot helpfully clamped down on his back. Continue reading Dean Monroe’s forced workout

Classic three-way fist fuck

I was a massive fan of Falcon’s Abduction series when it first came out in the 90s. It served up a full menu of rough, sleazy action and the cast was total eye candy. It still stands up against the competition today and this scorching fisting scene from the third instalment – Redemption – is one of the highlights.

Ren Adams fisted by Jarod Clark

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Jackson Lawless gets his hole stuffed

I don’t think I’ve been paying enough attention to Jackson Lawless. The last scene I saw him in was made a couple of years ago, but this boy’s grown into a hot, handsome muscle stud – and he looks awesome in leather.

Jackson Lawless in leather

In this scene from Hole Busters 6 (which is looking more and more like essential viewing with every segment that gets released), Jackson’s sitting in a barber’s chair when Jordano Santoro turns up in a rubber apron and squirts gloopy lube into his ass using a turkey baster. Continue reading Jackson Lawless gets his hole stuffed

Video: Brock Rustin fists Race Cooper – seven-minute clip

Titan must be in a generous mood. Their latest free clip from Shove It! goes on for nearly seven and a half minutes. (Check out the video at the bottom of this post.) That’s plenty of time to get a sense of how hard and dirty the action is as Race Cooper and Brock Rustin tear into each other like a pair of animals.

Brock Rustin fucks Race Cooper with a dildo

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