Ben Taylor fists Christian Herzog

One of the best scenes in Cazzo’s twisted abduction shocker Nasty Nightmares has the very fuckable Christian Herzog in rubber getting plowed and then fisted by hunky blond Ben Taylor.

Christian Herzog in a rubber surf suit

Christian Herzog and Ben Taylor are two of my favourite Cazzo regulars, so it’s doubly hot to see them together in this sleazy rubber fuck scene. Herzog makes an expert bottom, managing to swallow most of Taylor’s mammoth tool as the super-toned top rams it in and out of his mouth. Next Ben gets Christian down on all fours and sticks his eager tongue through the opening in Herzog’s black rubber surf suit to taste his pouting butt-hole before easing his big dick in there and slamming it home. Continue reading Ben Taylor fists Christian Herzog

College wrestlers grapple in spandex

It’s hard to blame cute Rick McCoy for hoping Varsity hunk Tyler Torro’s experience will rub off on him when the two stay late to put in some extra practice: I’d want the same. Rick needs some tips to improve his technique if he wants to stay on the wrestling team – and Tyler Torro is only too happy to take him in hand and show him how it’s done.

Tyler Torr and Rick McCoy in spandex

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Peeping Tom fucked by suited stranger

It’s not the first time Men at Play’s horny hotel has seen some voyeuristic action. Ben Brown, Alex Marte and Axel Brooks staged a hot three-way fuck out in the corridor a couple of months ago. This time, Will Helm and Kriss Aston are the two cock-hungry city boys who meet when they’re staying over on a business trip – and end up fucking in Helm’s room.

Will Helm in a suit

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Fisting with Fred Faurtin and Lupus

This slick, sleazy scene from Deep shows Cazzo director Jorg Andreas at his very best.

Fred Faurtin fists Lupus

Lean, muscled Fred Faurtin and bearded stud Lupus are standing eye-to-eye, jerking their big cocks as each tries to hold out longer than the other. Lupus is first to give in, finally dropping to his knees and shooting a wad of cum over Fred’s boot – then leaning down and licking it off.
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Hot rubber skin gets drunk on piss

One of my favourite scenes from Cazzo’s sleaze epic Versaut has lean, shaven-headed, rubber-clad Max Schmal guzzling a seemingly endless flow of piss from black leather top Wuilliam Wallace’s cock.

Wuilliam Wallace fists Max Schmal

I love the moment when Schmal lies back and lets Wallace urinate over his skin-tight rubber top and straight into his waiting mouth. Hunky Wuilliam looks like he can just piss on and on – and Max is ready to drink up every last drop. Continue reading Hot rubber skin gets drunk on piss

Tony Buff sounds Derek da Silva

It’s a long time since I’ve done any sounding but this scorching scene from the Fetish Force archives bring it all back!

Tony Buff and Derek da Silva

Leather hunk Derek da Silva is clearly loving every sensation as Tony Buff (credited here as Anthony Drago) slides a thin rod into the bound hunk’s urethra. What surprises me is just how much metal this stud can take. After stroking da Silva’s hard-on and tapping his fingers against his shaft, Buff manages to squeeze a second sound into his lubricated piss-hole. Squeezing both of the slim steel stems in and out, Tony forces a series of low groans from Derek. Continue reading Tony Buff sounds Derek da Silva