Video: Brock Rustin fists Race Cooper – seven-minute clip

Titan must be in a generous mood. Their latest free clip from Shove It! goes on for nearly seven and a half minutes. (Check out the video at the bottom of this post.) That’s plenty of time to get a sense of how hard and dirty the action is as Race Cooper and Brock Rustin tear into each other like a pair of animals.

Brock Rustin fucks Race Cooper with a dildo

The action starts with Rustin in a cage, brought out to suck Cooper’s big black dick. Race fucks him brutally in the face, leaning over to spit in in his mouth. Next he puts Rustin on top of the cage so he can play with his ass and give him a good deep fucking. He delivers a ferocious pounding, jackhammering Brock’s hole before getting him on all fours so he can stretch it with a big dildo.

Brock Rustin and Race Coopers in Shove It!

Once the pair are on the floor, the scene turns into a two-way session. Brock and Race drill each other’s butts with large dildos, then Rustin lubes up his hand and eases it into Race’s ass. The effect on Cooper is instantaneous – in a second he’s throwing his head back and howling like a wild beast.

Brock Rustin and Race Coopers in Shove It!

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