Aymeric DeVille paddled in rubber

Aymeric DeVille’s cock is a work of art. Thick, shaved and busting with veins, it almost doesn’t look real as it peaks out of a pair of slick latex shorts in the first scene from Smack. I totally envy fellow Titan hunk Wilfried Knight for getting to wrap his mouth around the head right at the beginning of the scene, before moving down to chew on Aymeric’s smooth low-hanging balls.

Picture of Aymeric DeVille's cock in rubber shorts

But the real point of this newest addition to Titan’s Rough series is spanking. Once he’s finished gorging on DeVille’s fat dick, Knight – wearing a leather harness and jock – clamps his balls and turns him around to work on his butt. With Aymeric’s rubber shorts unzipped so Wilfried can get easy access to his ass, the hairy top starts to work his finger into the smooth puckered hole. Picking up a thick leather paddle, he takes aim at DeVille’s butt and lets him have it: light at first but working up to heavier blows with each stroke. Soon Aymeric’s ass cheeks are looking pink and hot and he’s smarting from the sting of the paddle.

Picture of Wilfried Knight spanking Aymeric DeVille

Once he’s taken about as much punishment as his ass will stand, DeVille lies back in a sling to let his hole take a pummelling of a different kind. Knight eases his dick into Aymeric and fucks him eye-to-eye. After delivering a sustained pounding, he pulls out and blows his load over the bottom’s smooth muscular chest. Finally he finishes DeVille off by working his hole with a big dildo, pumping his sore ass until his cock’s ready to erupt.

Watch Aymeric DeVille get beaten and fucked

Picture of Aymeric Deville getting fucked

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