Tibor Wolfe soaked and stuffed

If I had Tibor Wolfe tied to a chair, I wouldn’t know where to start. The world-renowned fuck-pig has a seemingly infinite ass that can take man’s forearm all the way to the elbow, and he’s a glutton for piss and cum too.

Tristan Phoenix takes a piss on Tibor Wolfe

In this scene from Pissed and Probed, it looks like mean top Tristan Phoenix isn’t taking any shit from Tibor. He starts off by manhandling his rock-hard erection before taking a leak all over his chest and crotch, soaking him with piss. Then he grabs the helpless bottom by the head and forces him to suck his dick before pulling him down onto the floor and making him kneel at his feet, servicing his cock.

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Tristan bends Tibor over the chair and eats his ass before stuffing his boner in there and fucking him hard. That’s just the warm-up though: once Tibor’s starting to get opened up, Pheonix lubes up his hand and slides it inside, his whole fist disappearing inside Wolfe’s accommodating hole.

Tristan Phoenix and Tibor Wolfe in Pissed and Probed

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Tristan Phoenix fists Tibor Wolfe

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