Aymeric DeVille paddled in rubber

Aymeric DeVille’s cock is a work of art. Thick, shaved and busting with veins, it almost doesn’t look real as it peaks out of a pair of slick latex shorts in the first scene from Smack. I totally envy fellow Titan hunk Wilfried Knight for getting to wrap his mouth around the head right at the beginning of the scene, before moving down to chew on Aymeric’s smooth low-hanging balls.

Picture of Aymeric DeVille's cock in rubber shorts

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Rick Van Sant poled by 9″ Latin top

Rick Van Sant looks like he’s doing fine all on his own. Dressed in nothing but a rubber jock, cuffed to an iron cage and with a ball gag to keep him quiet, he already seems quite happy just riding a huge dildo. When he sits down on it, the entire thing disappears into his insatiable hole with no trouble at all.

Image of Angelo stuffing a dildo into Rick Van Sant's butt

But it’s little wonder Rick goes weak at the knees when he lays eyes on 6’2 Angelo. With his Latin looks, ripped physique and (more to the point) his meaty 9″ power tool, Angelo is a butt slut’s dream come true. And as he watches Van Sant bouncing up and down on his fat dildo, Angelo – kitted out in a slick rubber jock, cap and rubber elbow-length gloves – reckons he can put that talented hole to better use. Continue reading Rick Van Sant poled by 9″ Latin top

Slave takes humongous black cock

There are moments in this scene from Cazzo that I almost feel sorry for Adam Russo. Black top Cutler X – wearing a tight-fitting pair of leather chaps – has got such a massive dick that when Russo’s forced to throat the whole thing it almost won’t fit.

Picture of Adam Russo getting fucked

It’s just one act in a catalogue of degrading punishment that starts with a vicious flogging and ends with Adam guzzling piss. But like a good slave, he’s ready to take it and like it.

Watch Adam Russo get beaten, fucked and pissed on

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Jimmy Durano fucks Alexander Garrett

Take a look at this shot. Just how fuckable is Alexander Garrett?

Picture of Alexander Garrett in rubber

I don’t know who I envy more in this scene – him or sexy Jimmy Durano. This comes from the new Hot House fetish actioner The Sub – follow-up to last year’s The Dom – Jimmy walks into the playroom to find Garrett just lounging on a padded platform, playing with his meaty, edible-looking cock, which is perfectly framed by a simple rubber jock. Garrett’s a wet dream-cum-true: tall, tanned and ripped with ruggedly handsome looks and a hard, muscular bubble butt.

Jimmy doesn’t even hesitate. He stoops right down and helps himself to Alexander’s huge dick, wrapping his mouth around the big head and stroking up and down. When he pushes Garrett’s legs apart to inspect his hole, we can see it’s already nicely greased. His finger goes in easily, eliciting a groan from Garrett.

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Dolan Wolf’s army jerk-off

Bob Hager and Dolan Wolf have already had a scene each in Colt’s new gearfest Armour. But here are the two bearded studs appearing together for a military interrogation that ends with the two of them shooting jets of hot cum into each other’s hands.

Dolan Wolf in Armour

Dolan Wolf is sitting tight, waiting expectantly in an underground bunker, bare-chested in a pair of khaki leather riding pants and a leather cap. Interrogator Bob Hager is taking his time though, prowling around his victim in his leather jock and harness, blowing smoke from a fat cigar. Continue reading Dolan Wolf’s army jerk-off

Straight biker groped and milked

Marko’s a cute straight guy who looks great in his dirty biker gear. But whatever the naive youngster was expecting when he signed up for this, the evil pervs behind Groping Hands have conspired to make sure this is one shoot he’ll never forget.

Marko gets groped

The scene begins with Marko kitted out in full racing colours, his face partly hidden inside his crash helmet. But just off-camera there are a couple of pairs of ‘helping hands’ that are bent on getting him out of his gear. The helmet comes off and the two gropers – both in full rubber – lift his shirt and start feeling his chest, tweaking at his nipples. After that, their attention turns southward and they begin making inroads into the boy’s pants. The biker pants and Diesel underwear come down and the two start fondling his cock, gently but no less invasively stroking his balls and pulling back his foreskin until the shaft starts to become hard. Continue reading Straight biker groped and milked

Alex Marte fucks in underground leather lair

We all need a little sleaze from time to time. So this week’s offering from Brit studio Men at Play has Latin hunk Alex Marte ditch his sharp suit for a raunchy leather harness and jock, as he explores an underground sex club where he can release a little of that executive pressure.

Alex Marte and David Avila in Depraved

In search of some quality playtime away from the office, Alex takes a detour into the dark, shadowy world of anonymous sex. In a grimy cruising club he gets down on his knees and puts his lips to work on a couple of disembodied schlongs that are poking through the glory holes in the club’s subterranean labyrinth. Before long, Marte’s ready to drop all inhibitions and get down n’ dirty with the regulars. So the towering hunk strips off his smart suit and gets into his leathers for a hard, sleazy session with bearded stud David Avila. Continue reading Alex Marte fucks in underground leather lair