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Video: Edu Boxer returns to Men at Play

In the porn world, ‘comeback’ has come to denote the reappearance of models who have spent months – weeks even – in early retirement. Sometimes we didn’t even know they’d been away. This one’s for real though. Edu Boxer was at the top of the porn league table for several years, from his early days as a fresh-faced Colt pin-up, through numerous pairings with then-boyfriend Manu Maltes. It was in the mid to late 2000s that his time as a regular tailed off.

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Young studs fuck in pads and jocks

Dylan Knight is so excited by the muscular blond waiting for him on the bench that he performs summersaults up and down the studio before climbing up to give him a long, sloppy kiss.

Image of Dylan Knight licking Joseph Rough's jock

Joseph Rough is tanned and lean, his muscular ass framed by a yellow Nasty Pig jock. Dylan gets down and sucks his dick, working his mouth around Rough’s growing hard-on. Joseph wants a taste of cock too, so he pulls out Knight’s thick tool, spitting on it and throating it until he gags.

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