Greedy bottom needs his ass wrecked

Fucking in clubs can be a huge turn-on. I do it quite a bit. If the circumstances are right, having a small crowd gather to watch can make it even hornier – and the nastier the sex is, the better.

Picture of Zack Taylor getting fucked with a dildo in Last Call for Handball

I guess either maybe Zack Taylor and Alessandro Del Torro are a tad shy or  – more likely – it’s hard for the makers of Last Call for Handball to get their budget to stretch to a full-on exhibitionism scene. But I’d have liked to see horny barflies stroking their cocks and watching these two as they get down to their intensive hole-stretching session on the floor of this Palm Springs leather bar. The way the scene plays out, they have to wait for the room to empty before they can start to play. Continue reading Greedy bottom needs his ass wrecked

Daddy and boy two-way fist fuck

It can be hot watching two sexy guys bridging the generation gap – and the sleazier the action, the better it looks. Club Inferno Dungeon serve up a good example in their ass-busting fuckathon Last Call for Hand Ball when leather studs Preston Johnson and Christian Mitchell meet in a bar.

Picture of Christian Mitchell and Preston Johnson in Last Call for Handball

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Two anal pigs play in skin gear

I guess purists would say these two barely cut it as skinheads – Rogue Status is sporting a very close buzz cut, while Felix Barca is definitely at least a number one crop. But I’m not complaining. Skin gear suits this pair of sexy fuckers and it makes a change from the regular leather/rubber look that’s become the uniform of the Titan Rough series.

Picture of Felix Barca and Rogue Status in Wet and Wide

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