Arrogant suit roughed up and fucked on toilet floor

Businessman Rikk York might see himself as one of life’s winners, but this highflier is about to be taken down a peg or two when he encounters an angry caretaker in an airport men’s room.

Rikk York bound and abused by Jessie Colter

With minutes to go before his flight, Rikk needs to piss in a hurry – and pays no attention when grumpy Jessie Colter tells him the bathroom is closed for cleaning. But with the door locked, he quickly realises he’s trapped and at Colter’s mercy when the stud decides to teach this arrogant hotshot a lesson in manners.

Watch this arrogant hunk get tied up and pounded

Being forced to crawl across a row of mousetraps and getting his butt hole zapped by an electric plug are just a couple of the punishments Jessie has in store for his hapless guest. Bending him over a sawhorse and binding him tightly, Colter pounds York’s virgin hole with a dildo mounted on an electric saw before plunging his own cock deep inside him.

Rikk York bound and abused by Jessie Colter

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