How do you use an inflatable enema plug?

Confession time: I’ve got one of these. Not this exact model but something very similar – a butt plug that inflates using a rubber bulb, with a tube running down the centre of it that you can connect to a funnel. I was totally intrigued when I first spied it on a fetish website a few years ago. So I decided this was one weird contraption I really needed for my collection. Kudos to the perverts at Fort Troff for bringing out this new version – which looks to me like a superior design.

Fort Froff's inflatable enema plug

Using it as part of a fuck session is a horny feeling – partly because it’s an interesting sensation, partly because it’s as sleazy as hell. Where I reckon this one improves over mine is the shape of the bulb – a satisfying ball-shape – and the geniuses at Fort Troff have connected it to a syringe. So now you can use it to stretch your buddy’s ass before you fill him up with lube, piss – or whatever floats your boat.

Fort Troff's inflatable enema butt plug

Fort Troff have even posted a helpful video of a cute young pup using one to show you how it works. Just in case you’re in any doubt.

In fact you’ll find a whole armoury of sleazy pump-ups in Fort Troff’s collection. Just check out their dildo arsenal to see this and the rest of the inflatable range.

More twisted toys at Fort Troff

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