Hotshot lawyer pisses over arrogant city suit

A coolly manipulative lawyer gets more than he bargained for in Men at Play’s follow-up to their sleazy piss-in-suits episode The Golden Handshake.

Samson Stone and Damien Crosse in The Golden Payback

After sexually abusing an employee in the men’s room, bad attitude boss Damien Crosse gets a grilling from uptown lawyer Samson Stone. Stone’s seen footage of the ‘ordeal’ from CCTV and now he’s determined to nail Crosse – and not just in court. Bent on showing him just how it feels to suffer sexual degradation at the hands of a god-given muscle stud, he pins Damien to the wall and starts manhandling his manhood before pushing him down onto the couch and taking a leak all over his expensive suit.

Samson Stone and Damien Crosse in The Golden Payback

It’s Crosse who gets the upper hand, however, when he forces Stone to choke on his hard-on, fucking him in the face and then bending him over to give it to him in the ass. And in the end, the final word on this complex legal entanglement belongs to Crosse when he gets the defeated lawyer down on the floor and jerks off over him, dumping a load of spunk over his handsome face.

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