Dirk Caber plays with electro

Dirk Caber earns my respect for being a filthy bottom pig in movies like Dog Fight, where he behaves like a puppy and throws a whole bowlful of his own piss all over his face. In Titan’s Loud and Nasty, he’s switching, starting off by torturing Jesse Jackman before getting on his back to take the built stud’s cock in his ass.

Dirk Caber torments Jesse Jackman with a violet want

The final scene in Titan’s new roughie starts with hairy hunk Jesse Jackman tied to a St Andrew’s cross, while Dirk Caber, in a leather harness and jockstrap, uses a violet wand to direct a stream of electricity at his chest and nipples. It looks pretty painful, but Jackman still manages to laugh between bouts of torture. Caber keeps the wand in contact with Jesse’s skin as he gets on his knees and sucks the big man’s dick.

I’m a huge fan of electro, but what comes next is a new one to me: Caber uses a machine that runs a current of electricity through his own body so that he himself becomes the conductor. He only has to brush his fingertips over Jackman’s chest to deliver a stinging stream of static, and when he touches the head of his dick, dripping with pre-cum, against Jesse’s, Jackman can’t help but yelp from the electric shock.

Once he’s released from the cross, Jesse gets onto his back and lets Caber work on his hole. Dirk buries his tongue in the hairy ass and twists his finger inside before stuffing his rigid tool in there.

But Jackman’s bent on turning the tables and getting revenge, flooring Dirk with a stun gun and then pissing all over his hairy chest and crotch. Caber doesn’t look to worried, though, grinning like a lunatic as Jesse throws him onto his back and plunges his dick into Dirk’s hole.

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Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman in Loud and Nasty

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