Matthieu Paris and Jake Deckard fuck in leather

This video from Xtra Inches has cigar-puffing Jake Deckard blowing his smoke all over lean sexy Matthieu Paris. The scene is a departure for Paris – who’s normally to be seen with a fist stuffed inside his cavernous ass – but here the Frenchman is languishing at Deckard’s feet, worshipping his rigid tool with his mouth.

Matthieu Paris fucks Jake Deckard

There’s plenty of spit and raunch as Deckard aims a jet of saliva into Paris’ mouth before Matthieu hungrily licks his pits. Paris deep throats Jake’s dick like an expert, only gagging for a second when he takes it right the way inside.

But it’s Deckard who takes it in the ass first, with Paris grabbing him by the waist of his chaps and thrusting in and out of him. Jake returns the favour, ramming Matthieu first from behind, then on his back.

Matthieu Paris and Jake Deckard fuck in leather

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