Shocking Derrick

There’s no denying it: Derrick Hanson has a really nice ass. Bent right over as he gets electrodes stuck to his butt, Derrick gives us a clear view of his puckered hole – and what we get is a tight, muscular sphincter that looks just perfect for fucking.

Derrick Hanson gets his ass wired up

Hanson’s geared up in football kit with his wrists tied to a metal bar for this bondage session with bearded hunk Josh West. Gagged and immobile, Derrick is helpless to defend himself when West boots him in the crotch, stretches his sore nipples, fingers his ass and fucks him in the mouth. Finally, West attaches a tens unit to the football stud’s ass, sending shockwaves through his butt that force his body to shake uncontrollably.

Watch Derrick take electro

Josh West puts Derrick Hanson in bondage

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