Jessie Colter stripped, strung up and abused

Jessie Colter looks cute when he’s being tortured. That might sound like a rather double-edged compliment, but Jessie’s done so much rough porn that he must be on his way to becoming an S/M icon by now. We’ve seen him trussed up and subjected to a barrage of abuse in movies for Hot House, Titan and Bound Gods – and usually with a ball-busting hard-on throughout. Here he’s being put through another painful ordeal in bondage, this time by Fetish Force.

Image of Dirk Caber edging Jessie Colter in The Trustees

In Tony Buff’s latest roughie The Trustees, the agents of an oppressive state target anyone who dares to challenge their authority, putting their prisoners through all manner of sexual degradation.

Jessie Colter starts his scene hanging upside down in a straightjacket, his rigid cock poking out of his cotton jock. His interrogator is bearded top Dirk Caber, who begins the session by laying into Jessie with his fists, punching him repeatedly in the chest before swinging him round to examine and then slap his ass. Next up is electro torture, as Caber chooses a violet wand to sting his captive’s flesh with a series of electric shocks, extracting yelps of pain as he teases it around his cock and balls. Stripping Jessie naked and suspending him by his wrists, Dirk prolongs the punishment by tickling his victim before lodging a finger in his butt and finally jerking him off.

It looks like bondage fans are going to be well served by Buff’s new eight-parter, which boasts a hot cast and a twisted catalogue of nasty fetish action.

Watch The Trustees at Fetish Force

Images of Dirk Caber and Jessie Colter in The Trustees

Watch Jessie Colter’s electro ordeal

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