Red rubber slave gets hi-tech anal workout

With his preppy looks and boyish grin, Lucas Knight might look all sweetness and light – but past performances have already hinted that this cute lad’s innocent exterior hides a few dirty secrets. This time, though, he’s gone all out and indulged his inner pig, slicked up in red rubber and gagging to be worked over by bondage top Jaxton Wheeler.

Lucas Knight gets his butt played with

Chained up in a futuristic dungeon, Lucas is powerless to resist when Jaxton unzips his latex suit and applies a stinging flogger to the boy’s semi-hard cock. That’s just the start, though. Peeling the suit down to just below Knight’s buttocks, Wheeler ups the ante as he flogs his slave’s back, beating him until his flesh is sore. Next Lucas is suspended from the ceiling while he gets Jaxton’s dick rammed deep into his throat, making him choke and gag.

But the best bit comes when he’s strapped into a bondage chair with an electro plug sending a rythmic pulse through the muscles of his butt while Wheeler teasingly stokes his cock. After fucking him roughly in the ass, the cruel top forces the boy to suck on his toes before pounding his hole again and finally letting him cum.

Lucas Knight gets fucked in rubber

Watch Lucas getting fucked in rubber

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