Dirk Caber’s electro masterclass

Electro: I love it. I first tried it a few years ago, and since then I’ve discovered there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a live electrode in your butt. And in this footage shot at the Bound Jocks booth at IML, Dirk Caber and JR Bronson are here to show how it’s done.

Picture of an electro plug in a muscled bubble butt

Watch this pig’s ass muscles twitch!

It’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t done it. The electrode sends a pulse into your muscles, and you can normally vary the wave pattern and intensity with a handheld power box. I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s like being fucked – but I wouldn’t say that quite nails it. It’s a completely different sensation when you feel the current working the muscles in your ass. It isn’t painful or uncomfortable – and you can go on for hours. I like it on my cock too, but I’d definitely say the electro butt play comes out on top. For me it’s a close second to fisting.

It isn’t the most visual type of sex – and I guess that’s why it doesn’t often feature in porn. Once the plug’s in place, there’s not a lot to see. You might see a guy’s sphincter twitching slightly, but that’s nothing compared to what’s happening inside.

Watch Dirk electrify JR’s bubble butt

Pictures of Dirk Caber giving JR Bronson a taste of electro

According to the blurb from Bound Jocks, this is JR Bronson’s first time. In front of a big crowd of leather enthusiasts, Dirk Caber has him face down on a bench and tied up before sliding a translucent electro plug into his butt. JR’s the perfect guinea pig – he’s a handsome, muscular stud with a juicy, round bubble butt that looks perfect in a pair of backless sports-type spandex shorts. You can just about see the muscles in his ass contracting as the unit sends a current through him. To see the effect on JR, just watch the free preview clip on the Bound Jocks site.

Watch the free clip


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