Sick pup drinks piss for Tony Buff

This twisted role-play from Dog Fight starts with muzzled pup Dirk Caber being released from his leather dog mask by trainer Tony Buff. Once he’s free to use his mouth, the frisky canine kneels at Buff’s feet, licking his boots while he wags the latex tail he’s got shoved up his butt.

Dirk Caber tongues Tony Buff's cock

Very soon Caber’s nuzzling his master’s crotch, making all kinds of cute doggie noises as he releases Buff’s cock and balls from his leather chaps using just his teeth. Once he’s finished sucking on Tony’s bone, he turns his attention to his ass, getting his bearded face between those cheeks and licking his hairy hole.

Finally it’s puppy’s turn to get some ass action, so Tony stuffs his hard-on into Dirk’s hole and eases it in and out. Buff has the perverted pooch growling and barking with pleasure until he turns him over and jerks his doggie dick, helping him to blow his load. After Buff’s shot his spunk too he finally lets loose a stream of hot piss – leaving the grateful puppy to lap it all up.

And if you like this scene, don’t miss Dirk Caber’s Dog Fight solo.

Watch the free preview at Fetish Force

Dirk Caber plays puppy to trainer Tony Buff

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