Zentai sub in stocks

This guy is going nowhere. He’s in full Zentai in what looks like Slick It Up wet-look spandex, with heavy straps holding him in place – and his neck, wrists and ankles trapped in heavy wooden stocks.

Heavy bondage at SMB

Our victim starts out all shy until his master’s got him in full bondage and held completely under his control – at which point his dick gets harder and harder until he’s just too horny to care.

It’s just what the guys at Serious Male Bondage like doing to their models – and this site certainly lives up to its name.

Elsewhere on the site, the master bondage fanatics encase some guy in fiberglass, put him on a trolley and wheel him around San Francisco’s Castro district before loading him onto a bus in front of bewildered locals. So if you think you’ve seen it all, think again.

Check out the web’s heaviest male bondage

Full Zentai and serious bondage

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