Video: dog handler fucks his pup

The Dom is the new fetish blockbuster from Hot House – and this scorching scene’s got James Ryder as a cute doggie who’s been locked in a cage by mean top Trenton Ducati.

James Ryder in The Dom

In his rubber vest and jock, James Ryder looks like the perfect pet as he waits in his cage, deep in an underground dungeon. It looks like James is none too happy to be locked up, as he rattles on the bars and tries to escape. But he doesn’t have long to wait. Soon Trenton Ducati turns up – wearing a chain harness and all-concealing mask – to let him out to play. It turns out the reason Ryder’s so keen to be freed is because he’s itching for cock. After licking Trenton’s boots and getting a rubber dog tail stuffed in his hole, he can finally get to work on Ducati’s busting hard-on.

James Ryder and Trenton Ducati

James dutifully sucks on Trenton’s dick, throating it with total expertise. His reward is to get the dog tail butt-plug pulled out of his ass and then put in his mouth, so he can suck his ass juice off the latex bulb. Trenton works his fingers in and out of Ryder’s hole while he sucks his dick, finally plunging his tool into the grateful pup and fucking him long and hard on the floor.

Watch the full scene

Trenton Ducati fucks James Ryder

Watch James Ryder’s humiliating puppy fuck

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