Blake Daniels fires a butt plug from his hole

Hot daddy Nick Moretti has Blake Daniels crying like a baby as he puts him through a rigorous anal workout in this scene from Hole Busters. And Blake shows his talented hole is muscular enough he can fire a butt plug across the room!

Blake Daniels shoots a butt plug from his ass

Once Moretti has Daniels on the bench, he shows no mercy, working a thick, bumpy butt plug in and out until Blake’s sphincter is starting to look greased-up and sloppy. Blake pushes the plug out with such force that Nick wants to see how far he can fire it with his ass. Turns out he can shoot it from his butt hard enough that it travels a few feet in the air before it lands and Moretti shoves it back in.

What really seems to fill Daniels up is a big pump-up dildo that Nick inflates almost to the size of a fist. Working the massive latex weapon in and out of Blake’s hole, he soon has the pig bottom crying out from the strain – until Nick shoots a generous wad of cum out of his big dick.

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Nick Moretti abuses Blake Daniels' hole

See Blake Daniels get his hole stretched

Blake Daniels gets his hole stretched

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